Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes

Match the Blood Glucose Monitor to the Person

Matching the blood glucose monitor to the person is a bit of a mantra of mine here at Diabetes Insight. I get tired of health care professionals flinging any aul monitor at a person without taking into consideration does it suit them and showing them how to use it properly….


The Changing GI of Root Vegetables

Not many people are aware that certain root vegetables have a higher carbohydrate content than many of their green leafy friends, and convert quickly to sugar in your blood stream, therefore rising blood glucose levels 2 hours after eating. Hydration and heat can rise a foods glycaemic index (GI) which…

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A Personal Letter: Notice of Changes to Diabetes Insight Services

The Journey Since Diabetes Insights establishment in 2008 I have been very proud of what I have achieved in that short space of time. Diabetes Insight was and remains the very first and only nurse led private independent education service for people with diabetes in the Republic of Ireland. One…

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Is it time we went Back to Basics in Diabetes Management?

Recently I have been reviewing how I do things here at Diabetes Insight and I have realised that one of the unique key aspects to the services that I provide is how practical and simple my approach is. Sometimes maybe too practical and simple for some. I have noticed within…


Coffee & Blood Sugar Spikes

So I had a client recently where we were trying to get to the bottom of their blood sugar levels spiking first thing in the morning. Through a process of elimination I discovered that my client was having a cup of coffee every morning on waking, driving to work, then…


Sex while wearing an Insulin Pump

Lets be honest, diabetes does not lend itself to the kind of spontaneity that sex requires. The checking of the blood sugar prior to ‘getting it on’, the disconnecting of the pump etc does require having an understanding and open partner. So lets be honest here, if you are having…

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