image of a woman on a beach signifying freedom form diabetes means you are in control by Diabetes Insight Cork Ireland

Why Bother with Diabetes Insight?

“So why bother with Diabetes Insight?”……..” What’s so special about it compared to other services?”………” I am already attending a service, I have enough of nurses and doctors in my life to deal with!”……….” What is the point of it, what can it do for me?”……….” Its a private service, probably costs too much, out…

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image of a crowd of people, diabetes can affect all types of people from every walk of life, by Diabetes Insight Cork, Ireland

Insulin Resistance, Type 1 Diabetes & Your Gut

Did you know that people with Type 1 Diabetes are just as susceptible to developing Insulin Resistance as somebody with Type 2 Diabetes? People with insulin resistance, have built up a tolerance to insulin, making the hormone less effective. As a result, more insulin is needed to persuade fat and muscle cells to take up…

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90 Years of Insulin: The Story Of Elizabeth Hughes

On the 23rd of January 2012, marked the 90th anniversary of the first person with Type 1 Diabetes in the world being treated with insulin, a 14 year old boy called Leonard Thompson. It reminded me of a book that has recently come on the market to commerate the 90th anniversary of the discovery of insulin called…

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an Insulin pen from Diabetes Insight, Cork, Ireland

Have you heard of Biosimiliar Insulins?

Between 2011 and 2013, many insulin manufacturers will see several important insulin analogues coming off patent, and therefore will be available for many other companies to produce and market, with copies of current branded insulins named ‘biosimilar insulins’. Many medications for diabetes in the past, such as metaformin, once off patent have been easily reproduced,…

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Bread that does not cause a rise in blood sugars

A cardiologist from Texas called Dr. Kota J. Reddy, M.D. has created bread called ‘Reddy Bread’specifically designed for people with diabetes and trying to lose weight. Dr. Reddy has been in medical practice for over 13 years and has spent most of this time researching and studying breads suitable for people with diabetes and cardiovascular…

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