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The very word ‘exercise’ can put people off, they immediately think of lots of effort, sweat, weights and public gyms.

For the benefit of this blog I will refer to it as movement.
So if we think of this in terms of, if I need to get fit, all I need to do is move, if I need to get fitter, all I need to do is move more…

Yes it is that simple, don’t complicate it!!!

I will give you a second tip to think about.

If you consume 1500 calories a day and only burn off 1000 calories, guess what? Your body turns that extra 500 calories into fat, so you get Fat…

[pull_quote align=”left”]Don’t complicate it!!![/pull_quote]Calories in – Calories outscales

This for the majority of people is the hardest balancing act they perform in their whole lives, and yes it is only a balancing act.
So if we know that weight is an issue and we are aware that our calorie intake is higher than our calorie expenditure all we need to do is move more or eat less.

If we just take these two tips and implement them into our everyday lives, not just once in a while when we are three stone over weight and our health is at risk or we want to look good in some outfit for an event and we want to loose three stone in a month and pressure is on you also.

At this stage all quick fixes look appealing, like a shake instead of a meal, starving, sweat blankets, lipo and many others which really are only quick Fixes until next year.

So everyday become aware of how much you eat and much you move and get the balance in your favour and please don’t complicate it…

3 Thoughts to “Its All About Balance: Exercise Tips from Guest Blogger John Hurley – Personal Fitness Trainer”

  1. We should be take care of the health issues i think we should have good and fresh fruit and fruit juices good diet.Energetic diets with the exercises works are so good for maintain of the health issues…..

  2. Kallis Sharad

    Exercise is very important to improve health and fitness. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, meats, nuts, grains, cheese, and dairy products. Drink green tea, fruit juices and plenty of water because these are high in vitamins, minerals and really good for health. Go for walking, running, cycling, practice push ups, bench press and chair squat. It improve mood, burns fat,make strong bones and muscles, boost energy, improve heart functions and improve fitness.

  3. Yes!
    Exercise are very essential to get better health and fitness.So avoid fatty things and eat fresh vegetable and fruits and Drink green tea,Green tae is very helpful in better circulation of blood in your body.Go working for pUsh ups,pull over,cycling and running.

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