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Helena Farrell Consultancy (formerly Diabetes Insight) is delighted to be collaborating with Studio Fitness Cork through a variety of initiatives to help promote physical activity as a vital part of diabetes management. As a health care professional, it is important for me to refer my clients to a place where they feel confident, safe and supported, by a team that are equipped with the knowledge to be able to deal with diabetes and liaise with our services when required. I have found this in Studio Fitness Cork.

Studio Fitness takes a practical ‘no nonsense’ approach to all aspects of lifestyle intervention, providing clear, simple advice for becoming fit, making dietary changes and losing weight and this meets with a similar vision and philosophy here at Helena Farrell Consultancy in how we manage diabetes.

Having discovered Studio Fitness through mutual clients with both Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes, and being impressed with results, such as weight loss, reductions in insulin doses and overall improvement in blood glucose levels, has led to this new & exciting collaboration between Studio Fitness and Helena Farrell Consultancy. Having personally trained the staff at Studio Fitness on diabetes, I am confident and delighted to endorse Studio Fitness as a ‘diabetes friendly’ gym.

Providing fitness programmes tailored to suit your needs, that incorporates consultations at the beginning & end with a specialist diabetes nurse, HbA1c, cholesterol & blood pressure testing, as well as nutritional plans provided by Studio Fitness & follow up support, you can be guaranteed a unique and unrivaled experience to improving not only your diabetes management but your overall health.

Benefits of Exercise in Diabetes
  • Exercise helps increase insulin sensitivity therefore helping to reduce blood sugar levels. The effects of exercise can remain for up to 16 hours in an individual with diabetes, keeping blood sugars stable during this time.
  • People with diabetes have a 20% more risk of developing heart disease and stroke, exercise helps to reduce this risk by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Exercise helps with weight reduction. A 5-10% weight loss in people with diabetes can help to reduce the risk of developing complications by up to 33%.
  • Exercise & Weight reduction also can decrease the need for certain medications and reduce insulin doses.
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Improved sense of well-being and enhanced quality of life
  • Improves circulation which can be affected when you have diabetes
  • Lowers stress levels which are associated with high blood sugar levels

The 12 Week Health and Fitness Program consists of Personal Training and Fitness Classes designed for people who have diabetes.

You will have a consultation with Helena Farrell (Diabetes Specialist Nurse).She will test your blood glucose levels, Hba1c,cholesterol and blood pressure as well as giving you the weekly support and education to manage your diabetes on a daily basis.

Whether its weight loss or just general fitness these programs are for everyone, from the beginner to the more advanced, with different levels of fitness and all ages catered for. Studio Fitness looks  at your lifestyle and helps you find the healthy balance in your day to day life by advising you on your nutrition needs.

The great aspect of this program is that not only will you have the expert care in regard to your diabetes, but also with the support and encouragement you will receive from our team at Studio Fitness, by the end of your 12 weeks you will be healthier, slimmer, fitter and happier.

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