image of a woman looking serious, not understanding diabetes can be a stressful time by Diabetes Insight Cork Ireland

image of a woman looking serious, not understanding diabetes can be a stressful time by Diabetes Insight Cork Ireland

My Diabetes story to date…….

2007 thinking my over active thyroid was out of remission, I went to my GP for blood tests.
Results type 2 Diabetes. BG of 25.9 I very quickly adjusted my diet dramatically, and lost 5.5 stone thinking it would all get better somehow, and continued my training for the ladies mini marathon, which I completed.
Over the following 5 years things just got worse no matter what I did, until finally an antibody test was done, last year in October, oooops type1, as I was already pre disposed to an autoimune condition, this shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was a huge shock.
There you have it “juvenile Diabetes” at nearly 54 and my life, in my eyes just fell apart.
Just before Christmas 2012 I was given a crash course in carb counting, and introduced to Basel/ bolus insulin. ( scary Christmas )
I’ve been ushered out of rooms for injecting by my sisters, dismissed and jeered for being too fussy, whispered about, sniggered at and isolated. ( basic bullying )
Then it happened, the biggest shock of all, on Christmas Day last year in my sisters house, I said I’d have a diet 7up please. I was given it and as I was thirsty I drank most of it down immediately, only to realise a while later that I wasn’t feeling well, I was promised it was diet 7up, but on further investigation it was a full sugar sprite, and when I discovered this i was horrified. I was told no other diabetic gives a shit, and I should be capable of just eating and drinking when out for the day with them, and sort myself out when I’m at home in private later in the evening, as no one else gives a shit. I’ve since been told my Diabetes is very anti social. ( this is only 1 incidence )
I have many good friends around me, but i’ve learned that you can love people and keep them in your heart, but sometimes you just got to let them go.
My whole goal since Christmas 2012 is to help and support other diabetics, and raise as much awareness as possible. I never want anyone to go through the isolation that I went through.


Diabetes Stories Competition

Everyone has a story to tell and we would like to hear yours!!! Tell us your story of diabetes, the challenges you have had to overcome, the good days, the bad days, we want to hear it all! We want to hear the inside, day to day real stories from real people living with diabetes so as to help, support and inspire others out there who maybe feeling alone and isolated with their diabetes.

You don’t even have to have diabetes!! Maybe you are a family member, friend, carer, health care professional….let your voice also be heard. Maybe you have been inspired by someone with diabetes and would like to acknowledge them.

Stories must be between minimum 500-1000 words maximum. All stories will be published on both the Helena Farrell Consultancy website and its sister site . The story with the most likes/shares on our Facebook page (Diabetes Insight) and retweets/favorites on our  Twitter account (HelenaFarrell77) will win a 100 euro voucher  (One4All or iTunes). The ideal present in the lead up to Christmas as the winner will be announced on December 18th 2013.

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