“There is always a permanent solution, to a temporary problem” I was told the night I was admitted to the adult mental health unit in June 2011. You can look at that saying two ways I guess in a negative way or a positive way I chose the latter. I was admitted to hospital on the grounds of depression which was to do with a thing I learned to be Bi-Polar. I spent the guts of three months in the hospital and when I was discharged I was given certain meds to take. One being a mood stabilizer and the other was an antipsychotic tablet called Zyprexa.

I took these tablets for a year or close to it and everything was ok my battle with my mental health was a struggle but every day I was making progress. I started to notice I was going to the toilet to urinate around 13 times in 12 hours. I had a massive thirst I must have been drinking 10 litres of coke a week nothing could settle this thirst it was madness. This started alarm bells ringing and I went to the doctor to explain my circumstances. He told me that he would do a full round of bloods to see. So the wheels were in progress and I went about playing the waiting game.  A week had passed and my fasting bloods and HbA1c has come back. The doctor phoned me to come in and explained that they are very high but he said he could not really call it that I had Type 2 Diabetes just yet. I asked him why and he said that I would have to come off my Zyprexa first and in 4 months’ time they would run the test again and see how it would be then. I would have to go explain my case to the psychiatrist and tell them what was going on. I had more people looking after me when I came out of hospital then the Queen of England. I went and sorted everything out with the psychiatrist and it was agreed that I would come off the drug but I would have to keep a hold of my mental health along with trying to bring my sugars down. The time had passed and I done the full round of bloods again and I am sure you can guess I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. It’s a hard thing to swallow along with having being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and all from being told to take a tablet to try and control the Bipolar. Along with taking tablets for my Bipolar I also had to start taking Glucophage. I can really say it was like a kick to the stomach and was trying to gasp for air. I said to myself I was not going to let it bring me down and really tried to put a plan in place. When I came out of hospital in August or so 2011 I started on twitter and built up a good support network. I came in contact with Helena which was super I could ask her the odd question and other people as well. I don’t like to over use twitter to look for help because it’s not always going to be there. You have to learn to walk on your own two feet also. I done a lot of research and I set about changing things quite quickly this is what I done.

  1.  40 Minute walk daily – Brisk
  2.  Porridge for Breakfast
  3. Square Meals Became 6 Small Meals – Daily
  4. All White Became Brown – Bread, Pasta, Spaghetti
  5. All Sugar Gone
  6. Read All Food Packaging
  7. Potatoes Became Sweet Potatoes

My plan is by no means “The Plan” to save you from the dreaded “D” word but it can help and it helped me a lot with in six months my sugar levels have been brought right the way down and the doctor was surprised at how quick it dropped. I did pig out a while ago when my mood dipped and the blood sugar creeped back up. So I guess keeping your sugars in check is easy when you keep your mind in check. It’s not an easy battle far from it but if you want to help yourself you have to make the right choices. I can say with the support I have got and keeping myself in check I’ll beat diabetes just like I am beating Bipolar.

Another fantastic entry from a great twitter friend @mrcbehan. Thanks Ciaran for sharing. Ciaran has asked that if he wins the competition the 100 euro prize is to be donated on his behalf to the charity St. Vincent De Paul. 

Diabetes Stories Competition

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You don’t even have to have diabetes!! Maybe you are a family member, friend, carer, health care professional….let your voice also be heard. Maybe you have been inspired by someone with diabetes and would like to acknowledge them.

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