Lets cut to the chase here….I expect NO ONE with diabetes to behave any differently at Easter time at the arrival of all those chocolate bunnies, than what I would of someone who does not have diabetes. But that does not give anyone a licence to go mental and gorge themselves to seventh heaven on chocolate over the Easter weekend.

I get inundated with queries on the weeks leading up to Easter with people looking for ‘sugar free’ Easter eggs. Sugar free products are not recommended for people with diabetes, as many of these products may contain ridiculously high amounts of fat and have sugar substitutes that work great as a mild laxative. Many people presume that because something is ‘sugar free’ that they can eat more of it and that it will have no effect on their blood sugar levels. What will happen is that you will probably shove up your cholesterol, spend alot of time in the bathroom and your blood sugar levels will rise from the stress. So my advice? Have an ordinary plain chocolate Easter Egg but just less of it.

Accept that blood sugar levels will rise after eating chocolate, but there are some ways you can limit the effects.

  • Eat your egg straight after a main meal to slow down the release of sugar absorbed and released into your blood stream
  • Share with someone…after all sharing is caring!
  • Go for dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate. It tends to absorb more slowly and generally most people eat less because it is an acquired taste!
  • Get in some extra exercise over the weekend. The effects of exercise last in our body for up to 16 hours, which means you can still burn off sugar for energy up to 16 hours after intense exercise.
  • Because chocolate is very high in fat, it can delay the absorption of carbohydrate, so when taking insulin, adjust not only dosage but the timing of the injection to accommodate this effect.

These are guidelines I expect EVERYONE to follow, not just people with diabetes. And if the ‘diabetic police’ are in force over the weekend, chastising you for eating chocolate because you have diabetes, check with them are they adhering to the above guidelines also!!!!

Are Easter eggs something you have every weekend? No they are not, so why should you deny yourself over the Easter weekend? If chocolate is an occasional treat, and kept as part of a balanced diet, I see no reason to not have it at all over Easter unless you are allergic to it.

So all Diabetes Insight followers….have a happy, healthy Easter!!!

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