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Are Health Care Professionals Obsessed about our Weight?

This week I stopped weighing a number of clients. A new client asked me at the end of the consultation was I going to weigh her. I said no. She burst into tears. Alarmed and surprised by her outburst I asked her was she ok. She informed me she was dreading through the whole consultation…

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image of a crowd of people, diabetes can affect all types of people from every walk of life, by Diabetes Insight Cork, Ireland

What Services Does Diabetes Insight Offer?

Diabetes Insight is associated very much with Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) which is our speciality. But did you know that Diabetes Insight offers much more than one-to-one private education? The following is an example of other services Diabetes Insight can offer: COMMUNITY Information Evenings/Talks/Presentations Are you involved in a community association for example: retirement groups,…

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