What Services Does Diabetes Insight Offer?

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Diabetes Insight is associated very much with Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) which is our speciality. But did you know that Diabetes Insight offers much more than one-to-one private education? The following is an example of other services Diabetes Insight can offer:


Health Seminars/Presentations
Health Seminars/Presentations

Information Evenings/Talks/Presentations

Are you involved in a community association for example: retirement groups, ICA, community development and are looking for informative talks on diabetes, nutrition, health etc? Finding it difficult to get speakers who are vibrant, passionate, informative, engaging and expert at what they do? Well Diabetes Insight has the solution! Helena Farrell RGN, MSc Diabetes, Founder & Clinical Director of Diabetes Insight is highly regarded as an excellent public speaker, who engages and motivates her audience in relation to diabetes and associated health matters. Helena has spoken to groups from Bere Island in Co. Cork to Virginia in Co. Cavan, and is more than happy to accommodate your needs. Please see below for contact details for further information and queries.

Community Screenings

Are you involved in a community association/development? Are you running a health fair/event and would like to provide health screening? Diabetes Insight has provided health screening in a variety of arenas such as health fairs, agricultural shows and community halls. For further information on screenings and what they involve please click here.


Diabetes Insight School Services
Diabetes Insight School Services

Diabetes Insight School Services

Are you a parent of a child with diabetes? Are you a principal/teacher with students with diabetes? Are you a school nurse caring for students with diabetes? Are you confident that the necessary information, skills and resources have been put in place for a student with diabetes to be empowered to manage their diabetes effectively in school? Diabetes Insight provides a range of services to schools including the following:

  • Information Talks/Resources Packs for Teachers, SNA’s, Staff
  • Talks/Demos for students on the following topics: Understanding Healthy Eating, Breaking Down Food Myths, Obesity & Health, Are You Sweet Enough?  -All talks are presented in an interactive, fun, informal learning environment that engages the students and motivates them to make healthier choices
  • Audit/Review of Existing Current School Practices in managing students with diabetes
  • Policy Formation & Development
  • Training/Workshops for School Nurses

For more information please click here


Diabetes Insight Nurses CPD
Diabetes Insight Nurses CPD

Workshops for Nurses – (Irish Nurses & Midwifery Organisation) INMO

Helena is a facilitator for the INMO for a number of workshops dedicated to different nursing issues in the management of people with diabetes. These are:

  • Practical Skills in the Management of Diabetes
  • Advanced Diabetes Management
  • Diabetes Management in Care of the Elderly
  • Medication Management in Diabetes
  • Understanding Obesity & Weight Management
  • Facilitation Skills for Nurses & Midwives

For further information on any of these courses please go to www.inmo.ie


Diabetes Insight Care of the Elderly
Diabetes Insight Care of the Elderly

In-House Training for Nursing Homes/Community Hospitals

Do you work in/manage a care of the elderly setting? How confident are you that the management of elderly people with diabetes in your workplace setting is meeting best practice, evidence based and up-to-date? Do you need assistance with policy formation, auditing, in-house training etc? Diabetes Insight provides a range of services, resources and skills best suited to your workplace and staff needs. For testimonials please click here. For further information please click here.

Training/Information for Carers

Are you a carer &/or work for an agency/carers association? Do you care for someone with diabetes? Are you confident and feel up-to-date in your knowledge and skills when looking after someone with diabetes? Diabetes Insight can provide information sessions, in-house training and a variety of workshops (located in the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre) designed to cater for carers particular needs when caring for a person with diabetes. For further information please click here


Diabetes Insight Pharmacy Services
Diabetes Insight Pharmacy Services


Diabetes Insight has a long outstanding history of providing screenings and ‘pop up’ diabetes education clinics to a number of pharmacies all over the Republic of Ireland. These screenings have now become an annual event at pharmacies and have attracted repeated custom and loyalty from the local community. These screenings and events can be tailored to suit a pharmacies and customers needs. For testimonials please click here and for further information please click here.

In-House Training for Pharmacy Staff

Diabetes Insight has provided staff training and information sessions for all pharmacy staff in assisting and aiding their customers in managing their diabetes. This training can be tailored to suit an individual pharmacys needs. For further information please click here.


Diabetes Insight for the Workplace
Diabetes Insight for the Workplace

Workplace Screenings

Diabetes Insight & our sister practices in the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre can provide health screening for your staff, with follow up confidential reports on the overall health of your staff in the workplace and offer practical advice on measures staff and management can take to ensure a healthier working environment. Health Screening can involve one, some or all of the following:

  • Blood Glucose Levels (Diabetes)
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Lung Function
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Body Mass Index
  • Weigh In
  • Waist Circumference
  • Risk Factor Assessments
  • Actual Age v Health Age

We can also provide talks, information stands and resource packs on a number of health issues for example: obesity, weight management, nutrition, exercise, stress management and a variety of health issues through experts from our existing practices in the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre. For further information please click here.


If you are interested in any of the above or have an idea for an event, talk, training, screening and would like some advice, please do not hesitate to contact Helena directly on (086) 1739287 or email: hfarrell77@gmail.com. She would be delighted to hear from you, provide advice and assist in anyway possible.

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