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Launched today: New easy to use OneTouch® Verio® Blood Glucose Monitoring System helps patients stay motivated with simple to understand results that provide valuable information to better manage their diabetes

After one week of using OneTouch® Verio®, 94% of patients said test results were simple to understand1

LifeScan, Inc. has introduced the new OneTouch® Verio® Blood Glucose Monitoring System for people with diabetes, a meter that is easy to use and automatically provides key information on screen with every test result, without any extra effort on the part of the patient. Those who are new to self-monitoring of blood glucose can benefit from the meter’s ease of use and simple to understand results.

Self-monitoring of blood glucose is an integral part of diabetes care, providing immediate feedback and informing on decision making. However, research has shown that nearly one third of people with diabetes do not know how to interpret their blood glucose results.2

The OneTouch® Verio® Meter has been designed with the patient in mind and makes results easy to understand. A color-coded range indicator shows whether a current test result is within, below or above range* – all without the need to scroll or push buttons. It also provides reassuring progress notes to let patients know when their results are consistently in range or back in range. After using the OneTouch® Verio® Meter for a week, 94% of patients said it made their test results simple to understand.1

Professor Katharine Barnard, Chartered Health Psychologist from the University of Southampton said “This meter is an exciting development in self-monitoring of blood glucose for people with diabetes. When doing a finger prick test, being able to interpret the information easily in a way that is meaningful and aids decision making is crucial. The colour coded range indicator and feedback notes are simple but creative additions that will help to demystify the numbers on the screen and offer patients the ability to instantly see where they are in their personal glucose range.”

There are more than 3.2 million people with diabetes in the UK3 and this figure is rising sharply. Many people with diabetes don’t test their blood glucose regularly or as recommended by their healthcare professional4, leading to the risk of hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycaemia (raised blood glucose), both of which can lead to serious consequences if left untreated.5

Julie Widdowson, Diabetes Educator/Practitioner West Norfolk, said “Blood glucose monitoring is a key part of the management of diabetes, but many patients feel overwhelmed by the volume of information that they receive and are not always sure how best to act. The OneTouch® Verio® Meter clearly demonstrates whether patients are within their recommended blood glucose range and this simple message coupled with education about the required response will help patients feel more confident about managing their condition.

*The low and high range limits set apply to all glucose test results. This includes tests taken before or after mealtimes, medications, and around any other activities that may affect blood glucose. Healthcare professionals should inform their patients about the low and high limits that are right for them

The OneTouch® Verio® Meter is available free of charge to healthcare professionals and uses OneTouch® Verio® test strips. It also comes supplied with the OneTouch® Verio® Delica lancing device and lancets.

The OneTouch® Verio® System has been CE recertified using the new ISO quality standard for in vitro glucose monitoring systems.6 It achieves compliance on the key criteria of system accuracy, haematocrit, the effect of interferences on glucose concentrations and user performance evaluation two years ahead of the expected transition period, which is due to end in May 2016.

Dr Stefaan Wens, Regional Medical Affairs Lead, LifeScan EMEA said, “The OneTouch® Verio® Meter is a welcome addition to the Verio family of blood glucose monitoring meters. It is ideal for patients who want fast and immediate feedback and the colour coded range indicator is easy to understand. The achievement and progress notes provide positive reinforcement, helping to motivate people with diabetes and encourage them to better manage their condition.

For Health Care Professionals

The OneTouch® Verio® Meter is available from:

OneTouch® Customer Care

Phone: 0800 279 4142 (UK) | 1800 535 676 (IRE). Lines open 8.30am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat.

Key features include:

  • Range Indicator. With each test, the OneTouch® Verio® Meter’s simple, color-coded range indicator shows whether a result is low (blue), within range (green) or high (red). The high and low range can be customised for individual patient needs.
  • ‘Treat Low Result’ Message. When the meter displays a low glucose result, it will prompt the user to treat the low and retest in 15 minutes.
  • Progress Notes. An ‘achievement’ message is displayed when the current result is in range following three consecutive above range results. A ‘progress’ message appears when 70% of results in the past seven days are in range.
  • Automatic 7-day averages. 14-, 30- and 90-day averages also available.
  • High-resolution display with large on-screen results.
  • Accurate Results
  • 500-test memory
  • Uses two standard AAA alkaline batteries

New ISO standard

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) updated ISO 15197, an international product standard for self-monitoring blood glucose products in May 2013. The updated standard ISO 15197:2013 specifies tighter criteria for system accuracy and new requirements for user accuracy, haematocrit and interfering substances.6 The implementation of the new ISO 15197 standard foresees a 3-year transition period until May 2016.

About OneTouch® Verio® test strips

Designed for accuracy and precision, the OneTouch® Verio® Test Strip is the only strip that works with the OneTouch®Verio® Meter, providing results in five seconds. The test strip features visual confirmation of blood application and requires only a speck of blood (0.4uL) that can be applied to either side of the strip. Together, this system meets new ISO criteria forsystem accuracy, haematocrit, interferences and user performance evaluation.6

About the OneTouch® Verio® Delica System

The discomfort of finger pricking can be a major barrier to glucose self-monitoring.4 The OneTouch® Verio® Delica System delivers smooth and precise lancing and has seven adjustable depth settings for personal comfort. It has an ejection control for safe and easy removal of used lancets and 96% of patients reported that it was easy to use.7

About LifeScan

LifeScan is one of the world’s leading providers of blood glucose monitoring devices. Millions of people in Europe, Middle East and Africa depend on LifeScan’s OneTouch® Brand products for simple testing and accurate results to help them manage their diabetes. For more information on diabetes care and OneTouch® Products and Services,


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