family cycling, keeping fit

family cycling, keeping fit

One of the most powerful statements that seems to capture peoples understanding in a consultation is when I say to them, ‘exercise for diabetes first and foremost, weight loss is secondary’.

For many people exercise is a chore, and the mantra of 30 mins a day, every day, seems to run like water off a ducks back for many. This might be for a variety of reasons, they don’t have the time, energy, motivation, the dog died or for many….they simply don’t know how. Exercise has so many health benefits, no where more than in a person with diabetes. Any form of activity (including sex!) will burn off blood sugar levels, for up to 16 hours after any intense exercise especially (again that includes sex…if you are that lucky!)

Part of diabetes coaching, is to find a way around obstacles, to make people feel part of the solution and not part of the cause. All research now coming out in the field of exercise, is to simple move. We fail to put value and emphasis on just moving. It is this collective movement that now is now proven to have the greatest benefit to our health, rather than the 30 minutes once a day and then sitting down for the rest of the day.

I don’t care if someone is overweight or obese according to their BMI(body mass index) once they are moving and eating a low GI diet. Some of my healthiest clients are overweight on a body mass index scale. In someone with diabetes, weight loss is a secondary matter for me, although this does not lessen the importance of weight management in diabetes. A 5-10% weight loss is a person with diabetes who has weight to lose has significant health benefits….all weight loss after this is cosmetic.

Moving for me is taking the stairs rather than the lift, parking the car that bit further away than you have to and walking. Its the person that exercises for 5-10 minutes in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. It is putting a value on all those small bits of activity throughout the day and adding them together collectively for maximum benefits. Get advice on how to exercise if you do not know what to do. Call us at Diabetes Insight on (086) 1739287 and speak with a specialist nurse advisor. Email us at and we can provide you with sample exercise plans and information.

Telling me that you have no time to exercise, means you have no time for yourself….if you do not have time to dedicate to yourself or your health daily, you have not put a value on your health or yourself. Value equals respect and self respect is the valuable asset any of us can own.

So for those of you who have no time to exercise……will you have time for illness??


At Diabetes Insight we don’t just tell you how, we show you how!

Diabetes Insight is Ireland’s only private independent advisory service and education centre dedicated and specializing solely in Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME). Its aim is to make a difference in the lives of those living daily with diabetes by providing quality education, advice, support and resources in a clear, simple, practical easy to understand manner without fear of judgement or blame. We respect and see each person with diabetes as an individual, with individual needs, so all our services are tailored to your specific needs. 

All our services are designed and facilitated by Helena Farrell RGN, MSc Diabetes who has over 15 years experience working and studying in diabetes management. These services are unique, from cookery courses to one day courses and are not to be found in any other health service or provider within the Republic of Ireland. 

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