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Anyone who attends our cookery courses here at Diabetes Insight HQ will have heard of my love of milled flaxseed when cooking for diabetes. It is an ingredient that I use daily to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and subsequently lower the glycaemic index of a particular food.

Flax has 3 fibers that help stabilize blood sugars. Soluble, insoluble and mucilage fiber (a type of soluble fiber). These flax fibers fill up the body and take longer to digest -this means that we are getting the nutrition our body needs for longer and so we feel full for longer. Our blood sugars don’t have to constantly spike up and down because the fiber plays a part in keeping them stable for longer. Soluble fiber slows down the absorption of glucose -this means that the body doesn’t get slammed with the glucose all at once, but slower, this helps the body manage glucose levels and insulin production. Flax for people with diabetes is an economical and powerful step to take to help stabilize blood sugars toward the goals of fighting and preventing diabetes.

Milled flaxseed or linseed is widely available in supermarkets nationwide including German retailers Aldi and Lidl. A teaspoon in soups, sauces, yogurts etc can be enough to have an impact on lowering blood sugar levels. In milled form it absorbs quickly into food, leaving little or no trace, has no taste, therefore making it ideal to give to children. Caution must be given when taken in large quantities, as it can lead to loose bowel motions, especially in those with any gastrointestinal disorders.

Other Benefits of Flaxseed for Diabetes


  • Flax is a whole grain.
  • Flax seed is a low glycemic food and helps stabilize blood sugar levels for longer.
  • Flax is an excellent source of fiber -helping your feel fuller longer.
  • Flax has Omega 3 -which makes your brain feel satiated and helps stop cravings!
  • Protein in flax helps the body get nutrition that takes longer to digest and process helping provide more nutrition for longer.
  • Flax hull lignans help heal the body lessening or preventing complications from diabetes.
  • Flax prevents spikes in blood sugar and keeps blood sugar levels more stable for longer.
  • Research has shown that flax for diabetes as part of a daily diet can help lower and stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Flaxseed is an easy thing to add as part of a balanced diet and can make dramatic differences in your blood sugar as well as overall health.


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All our services are designed and facilitated by Helena Farrell RGN, MSc Diabetes who has over 15 years experience working and studying in diabetes management. These services are unique, from cookery courses to one day courses and are not to be found in any other health service or provider within the Republic of Ireland. 

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