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Lately I was in a conversation with someone who just liked to hear the sound of their own voice. We have all been there. You give someone an inch to speak and they take a mile.I would not mind if they had something interesting to say, but I know bullshit when I see it and can almost smell it. I was enduring it for work purposes, thinking it might be going somewhere, which it did not.

After forty five minutes of non stop talking from this other person, I was starting to get tetchy and frustrated. I had a friend of mine was waiting for me who has Type 2 Diabetes, and I was aware it was before lunch and they were running low blood sugar levels.

So I interrupted the conversation to let this person know I had someone waiting for me, who had diabetes, and I needed to get them to lunch, as their blood glucose levels were running low. I was met with a rather whimsical look and the following response ‘Are they Type 1 or Type 2?’

Due to my frustration and like an egit, I answered ‘Type 2 Diabetes’, thinking that we could wrap up this conversation(and 45 minutes of my life I was never going to get back) so I could leave and take care of my friend. What bloody difference should it be to the person who was pontificating to me anyway whether my friend had Type 1 or 2 Diabetes?

But they just dismissed my answer and proceeded to keep on talking. I was shocked by their apparent disregard, and suddenly it dawned on me why they wanted to know the difference.

They dismissed me and my friend because they presumed Type 2 Diabetes wasn’t serious enough to be concerned about, thats not the bad kind of diabetes….right?

WRONG!!! And a major wrong, because my friend is on five injections of insulin a day. My blood was boiling at their blatant ignorance. I’d like to think if I was in a conversation with a specialist diabetes nurse and she interrupted a conversation to tell me she needed to deal with someone who was running low blood sugar levels, I’d be understanding and apologize profusely for delaying them.

Again I had to interrupt the conversation, and this time….I was not polite about it.

I have repeated this story to alot of people I know in the subsequent weeks, to see was it just me having a bad day, and was I over reacting. No I was not, I have been reassured. Not one of my acquaintances was politically correct and told me that person was just ‘misinformed’. They all responded using certain types of choice words, many unrepeatable for this blog, but the resounding response was that it was just plain ignorant.

I have met many people ‘misinformed’ about diabetes, they may be misinformed not by choice, but by circumstance, lack of education, &/or a variety of reasons, and that is fine once they are open to being educated and corrected.

But there are many people who are just plain ignorant about diabetes, they are not open to being corrected, educated, understanding and learning more. They are choosing to be ignorant about diabetes and that speaks volumes to me, because it says more about them as person, than it does about me. What it tells me about them is again unrepeatable for this blog….I’ll just save it for the punch bag in the gym instead….