At Diabetes Insight we pride ourselves on offering unique individualized services to people with diabetes. One of these service is supermarket tours.

Overspending on Items You Don’t Really Need or Like!

When you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, regardless of type, shopping can be a bit of a nightmare. Most supermarkets are laid out in such a way that special offers and deals on items that you don’t really need are hard to avoid and ignore. Often these purchases can end up costing you more money long term, as you do not use half the produce and end up throwing it away.

Healthy Eating on Any Budget!

Another myth amongst people with diabetes when they are newly diagnosed, is that healthy eating is expensive. This is only because people do not know how to negotiate their supermarket or read food labels properly to ensure that you can eat healthy on any sort of a budget.

Understanding Food Labels

We help you to get the most from your shopping experience, looking at new foods you may never have considered and help you to understand food labels, without making it into a science.

We Re-Train You How to Shop for Diabetes!

One of the most foolproof ways to shop for diabetes, is to be prepared, never shop when you are hungry or under pressure! At the beginning this may seem unnatural, but after a few trips, it becomes a habit, so much so you can leave the list at home!

What We Offer…

Supermarket Tours can be done one to one or as a group. Family members, carers and home helps etc are encouraged and invited to attend also. They can be taken as part of our Practical Diabetes Course &/or our Cooking Well for Diabetes Courses

Prior to meeting, we will discuss with you via phone your needs and send you a questionnaire to fill out to ensure you get the most from your tour, to work with you likes and dislikes and most importantly within your budget.

Depending on geographical location, we can meet you at a supermarket of your choice and take you on a tour of the store. Alternatively we can meet you at a supermarket near our offices in Cork city and Bandon, West Cork.

After the tour, you will receive a copy of our seven day meal planner and a shopping list tailored to suit your requirements.


As part of a group the cost is 30 euros per person for a full one hour tour.

One to One Tours are 60 euros for a full one hour tour.

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