Over the last number of weeks there has been much to celebrate at Diabetes Insight HQ amongst our clients. HbA1c results that have practically halved, profound weight loss, lowering of cholesterol, blood pressure and a general overall feeling of better health.

When asked what was the turning point in maintaining these changes that brought about these successes, the keyword I have heard consistently is ‘preparation’.

No Success Can Be Achieved & Maintained without Preparation

It prompts me to remember the saying which I have titled this article with ‘if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’ which we have all heard, but may not necessarily apply to self-managing diabetes. I have advocated over the years that preparation is key to self management in diabetes, no success can be achieved and maintained without it.

We all get caught short on certain aspects of our lives without much consequence, but when it happens in diabetes management it can have a significant impact and can cause a ripple effect across other aspects of your health and day to day dealings.

Diabetes ‘Mishaps’ Happening More Than Once

For example you leave for work without your blood glucose monitor and you don’t have one at work/car? What do you do? Go home for it, being late starting work, so you are under pressure for the rest of day, have to work through lunch and end up either swinging high or low with blood glucose levels? Maybe you forgot to take your bedtime insulin and spend all of the following day trying to bring it down, feeling miserable and finding it difficult to concentrate on your daily tasks? These can happen to anyone, at any time, but if they are happening more than once a week/month, it is direct consequence of failing to prepare.

Learning the Art of Preparing

To me, being prepared is a skill build on habit which requires plenty of practice and commitment over a set period of time. At Diabetes Insight in order to help someone learn the art of being prepared to self manage their diabetes we go through a number of the following steps:

  • We look and define specific objectives/goals
  • We assess a persons readiness to commit to these goals through a variety of questionnaires
  • We provide examples, supports and resources
  • We define obstacles and problem solve for them

If the lack of being prepared is identified as a problem when self-managing diabetes,we spend time at Diabetes Insight establishing the reasons why people fail to prepare, and putting an action plan in place to help people. Because of this unique aspect to our service, we tend to see our clients get results that they would not necessarily get with other diabetes services. This makes Diabetes Insight the perfect add on service to complement existing services that you maybe attending for management of your diabetes.

So if you feel that lack of preparation might be a contributing factor to you not getting the results that you deserve, why not give us a call to learn the ‘Diabetes Insight’ way to the Art of Being Prepared.


Diabetes Insight is Ireland’s only private independent advisory service and education centre dedicated and specializing solely in Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME). Its aim is to make a difference in the lives of those living daily with diabetes by providing quality education, advice, support and resources in a clear, simple, practical easy to understand manner without fear of judgement or blame. We respect and see each person with diabetes as an individual, with individual needs, so all our services are tailored to your specific needs. 

All our services are designed and facilitated by Helena Farrell RGN, MSc Diabetes who has over 15 years experience working and studying in diabetes management. These services are unique, from cookery courses to one day courses and are not to be found in any other health service or provider within the Republic of Ireland. 

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