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Is is a Hindrance as a Health Care Professional Not to have Diabetes?

Lately I have found myself in a strange place in my career. For some people I encounter, it has become an apparent hindrance to them that I do NOT have diabetes. Yes……you read that right, a hindrance. Do You Have Diabetes? For many people my professional experience, qualifications and personal experience of living/caring for someone…

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Reaction to Fitness ‘Professional’ Post Feb 25th 2015

The reaction to yesterdays post has been mixed both openly and behind the scenes, but so much so I felt it warranted a public response from myself. I knew when I posted the blog it would be controversial and I was prepared for that. Selfish, Hiding & Not Doing Enough Since the post went live,…

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‘Its An Undertaker You need… not a Gym’ – A Fitness Professionals Response to Someone with Diabetes

To say I am furious is an understatement. I am gone well beyond furious. The title of this blog is the response given to a client of mine with diabetes when they approached a gym for assistance in developing a programme to control their weight and get better blood glucose control this week.Unfortunately this the…

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How Beliefs & Attitudes Rather Than Knowledge Leads to Effective Diabetes Self-Management

At Diabetes Insight we are specialists in diabetes self-management. This is a very new concept to diabetes management in Ireland, and it is taking a long time to convince the Irish diabetes population both clients and health care professionals of its merits. Lack of Effective Communication There is no doubt in my mind that one…

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Beware of Weight Loss Promises That Can Cause Damage to Your Diabetes Management

Where is the Soup Maker Now?  So its that time of the year again, when for the majority of people, all that commitment & enthusiasm for losing weight on January 1st has disappeared. The fancy new lunch box with 20 compartments is now under the car seat with empty bags of Taytos. The soup maker…

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