Where is the Soup Maker Now? download (24)

So its that time of the year again, when for the majority of people, all that commitment & enthusiasm for losing weight on January 1st has disappeared.

The fancy new lunch box with 20 compartments is now under the car seat with empty bags of Taytos. The soup maker is tucked away in a press never to see the light of day again. That budget cross trainer is now a clothes hanger and the treadmill is gathering dust. Sound familiar?

Of course some of you will have done very well and congrats, keep up the good work. But what worries me is the amount of people I see every week who have spent crazy sorts of money on fads, that realistically were never going to be sustained.

Weight Loss Programs Are Designed To Be Unrealistic

Many weight loss programs are designed to be unrealistic, because you will keep going back. They play on your lack of confidence and self esteem. You did lose some weight initially, but fell off the wagon and you feel its your fault? Not exactly…..because there should be an onious on the practice you attended to make sure your weight loss strategy long term was realistic and sustainable. But that does not suit them, because they want outcomes, they want the fancy before and after picture to promote their product, not your success.

Ask yourself has it ever been said to you on these programmes the following: images (33)

Well YOU must not be following the plan

What did YOU do wrong?

Now ask yourself have they ever said to you:

What part of OUR plan has not worked for you?

What can WE do to make this work?

If you are not being asked the last two questions and hearing alot of the top two, then you are wasting your money on a short term fix with no long term results.

Losing Weight is Your Success Not Ours!


Look at Diabetes Insights website. Can you see any before and after pictures anywhere? Do we make unrealistic guarantees and promises that we can’t keep and blame you instead? No we don’t, and that is not because we don’t have successes. We do, but it is your success to celebrate, not ours. We are dependent on our clients to spread the word as to how Diabetes Insight has worked for them. That is why when people ring us, we put them in contact with current and past clients. We let our work speak for itself.

Many Weight Loss Programmes Cause More Damage Than GoodMaking Those New Years Diabetes Resolutions: Top Tips

One of the more worrying aspects from our perspective at Diabetes Insight is the lack of specialist knowledge of diabetes. They may have diabetes listed, but what do the ACTUALLY know of diabetes?

Many of the meal plans and recipes suggested maybe suitable for weight loss, but they are not suitable for diabetes. They contain sweeteners that work as a mild laxative and anyone with diabetes who has gut issues such as gastroparesis or delayed gastric dumping, this can flare up symptoms and cause GI upset.

Many weight loss programs & products target fat content, but can be riddled with sugar.

Anyone attending a gym for weight loss who has diabetes, how much do they know about exercise induced hypoglycaemia, eye and feet complications that are contraindicated for certain people with diabetes? How injection/pump sites affect insulin absorption can be affected, dependent on the different types of exercises?

Yo-Yo dieting for short term gains over a period of time, can play havoc with blood sugar control.

Seek Specialist Advice

So if you are worried or concerned as to how your current weight loss programme is affecting your diabetes, or you are thinking of embarking on a programme, seek specialist advice. Diabetes Insight has its own weight loss programme and further information can be got by clicking here

Please fill in the contact form below if you require further help/support etc and we will get back to you as soon as possible