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At Diabetes Insight we provide an integrated approach to diet and meal planning when a person has diabetes, regardless of whether it is Type 1 or 2 Diabetes. All our advice is based on the Low Glycaemic Index Diet as this had provided our clients with the most consistent success in maintaining good blood glucose control down through the years.


What is Low GI Diet?

A low-glycemic diet is one that selects foods on the basis of minimal alteration of circulating glucose levels. Glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) are measures of the effect on blood glucose level after a food containing carbohydrates is consumed. Glucose is one of the body’s main sources of energy; it is the fuel used by the brain, muscles, and other organs. Glucose is set at 100, and all foods are indexed against that number. Low GI foods affect blood glucose and insulin levels less and have a slower rate of digestion and absorption.

One example of a low-glycemic diet is the Glycemic Index Diet developed by David J. Jenkins, a professor of nutrition at the University of Toronto and later turned into a successful line of diet books by author and former president of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Rick Gallop. Switching from a high glycemic index diet to a low glycemic index diet is considered to be relatively easy. Switching from white bread and pastas to whole grain, from breakfast cereals to oats, bran or barley, adding more fruits and vegetables when cooking, and reducing potato consumption can all aid in lowering glycemic index.


Our Approach

On diagnosis of diabetes for many people they fear the changes it will bring to their lives, especially when it comes to lifestyle. We provide practical advice, which is simple to follow and easy to apply to everyday life. Many people are surprised at how little is needed to change and commit to what actually needs to be changed through our client-centred approach.


Nutritional Services on Offer

Some of the nutritional services we offer are the following:

  • Meal Planning
  • Carbohydrate Counting for Type 1 Diabetes
  • In-House Recipes and Cookbooks
  • Cookery Classes & Seminars
  • Access to 2 In-House Nutritional Therapists
  • Supermarket Tours
  • Behavioral & psychological supports for life-long change
  • House Visits

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