There used to be a time when people commenced insulin in hospital and were not discharged until they were proficient in self managing insulin adjustments.This was viewed to be a very old fashioned approach and not suited to family life and the demands of modern living.

Now many people start insulin therapy in an out-patients setting. Like everything else there are pros and cons to this approach also. For many people they do not have time to develop the skills needed to take on adjusting insulin effectively. Once a person is deemed to be safe rather than effective they are sent home, often full of fear and ill equipped.


Factors To Consider

The following factors have to be taking into account before adjusting insulin.

  • Food, carbohydrate intake, timingƒ
  • Timing and site of injections
  • Insulin dose and compliance ƒ
  • Improper use of insulin delivery devices
  • Activity level, time of activity  ƒ
  • Presence of illness,
  • Infection
  • Menstruation
  • Over treatment of hypo or hyperglycemia


Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is there a consistent blood glucose pattern?
  • Which insulin is affecting glucose pattern?  ƒ
  • Have there been changes in medication, stress or Have there been changes in medication, stress or activity level over the past 3 days?
  • Have food choices or amounts of food been different?

If you are not adequately tracking the above factors on a daily basis, your diabetes management is not going to be at its optimum. Dealing with tracking these factors daily can be overwhelming and difficult for many.

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