At Diabetes Insight we are specialists in diabetes self-management. This is a very new concept to diabetes management in Ireland, and it is taking a long time to convince the Irish diabetes population both clients and health care professionals of its merits.

Lack of Effective Communicationhearing diabetes

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the biggest stumbling blocks in relation to working with people with diabetes, is lack of effective communication, not just from health care professionals, but both sides. Effective communication is both a skill and an art. It takes time, commitment and openness from both sides. I am constantly amazed at clients who give out that a HCP never listened to them, or ignored something they said. Dig a little deeper and neither side is right, both are equally responsible for the breakdown in communication.

Communicating with a health care professional is a bit like entering a minefield blindfolded. A Healthcare professionals’ primary means of evaluating control of diabetes is on objective clinical indicators. They see diabetes as a pathophysiological problem and are most concerned with its physical impact. They are not too interested in how you ‘feel’ about having diabetes!


It Isn’t What You Say, Its How You Say It

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Diabetes Insight is effective communication skills. We constantly receive feedback from clients how they understand diabetes better after attending a consultation at Diabetes Insight. The experience of communicating is different to that of a conventional setting because we listen to the person first not the condition….the diabetes comes after. People are communicated to at a level they understand, as we recognize people learn in different ways.


Recognizing Different Perspectives

People with diabetes focus on how they feel, how the illness disrupts their normal life and the impact of their behavior on their illness. This completely conflicts with how health care professionals view diabetes, and without acknowledgement from both sides of the difference in perspectives. Healthcare professionals need to shift from attempting to dictate behavior in an authoritative mode to forming collaborative alliances with patients, with jointly identified goals and strategies. Getting anyone to come on board with implementing diabetes treatment needs open communication, discussion, patient autonomy and where the treatment is seen as logical, acceptable and feasible within the daily life of each individual person with diabetes.


Support is At Hand

If you do find you are struggling with your diabetes management , that you feel you need extra support and advice in an environment free from blame and judgement, contact us by filling out the form below. Alternatively you can ring Diabetes Insight on (021) 4358960, Mob: (086) 1739287, email:

We offer a variety of services for people with diabetes, as well as Skype consultations for those who cannot get to the clinic and house visits within Cork City & County.