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Perspective & Clarity

Coaching a person with diabetes through Pattern Management is basically putting a bit of perspective and clarity back into the madness of fluctuating blood sugar levels. It looks at the bigger picture and not just a series of snapshots. Pattern Management is defined as a review of blood glucose (BG) readings in relationship to the factors that affect BG control, and making treatment changes accordingly to achieve target BG and avoid hypo- and hyperglycemia.

Pattern Management is used to make changes are made to the usual insulin dose, medication, carb intake, or activity level medication, carb intake, or activity level based on blood glucose patterns based on blood glucose patterns. Patterns are consistent trends in blood glucose results that occur at the same time of glucose results that occur at the same time of day for several days consecutively. day for several days consecutively.


Addressing the Root Cause

Trouble Shooting with constant correction doses is a method of adjusting insulin to correct the blood glucose at a particular moment in time. This is a quick-fix remedy rather than a problem-solving approach. „In contrast, pattern management addresses the root cause of ongoing problems and prevents the problem from repeating.


How Diabetes Coaching Helps

  • Address hypoglycemia and significant hyperglycemia first „
  • Heightens an individuals awareness of cause and effect „
  • Increases independence between hospital visits „
  • Empower a person to take the lead in their diabetes control

What Pattern Management is NOT

  • It is NOT educators or medical providers adjusting doses based on BG data alone. It requires looking at the bigger picture, tracking foods, activity, environment, social factors etc
  • It is NOT effective without buy-in from the in from the client. There has to be an understanding from the beginning that there is a bit of work involved, which some people may find tedious. Therefore we support the client further by looking at the reasons why they feel this way and helping them to overcome these blocks.

Pattern Management is about empowering people to make informed self diabetes to make informed self-management choices management choices . Didactic approaches which are common in conventional diabetes services are based on simply providing information should be avoided

“Care of diabetes has shifted to an approach that is more patient centered and places the person with diabetes and his or her family at the center of the care model working in collaboration with health care professional. Patient-centered care is respectful of and responsive to individual persons preferences, needs, and values and ensures that patient’s values guide all decision making.”

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Diabetes Insight Approach to Pattern Management

  • Assess a persons skills and knowledge using validated tools & resources
  • Utilise tools such as BG/ food records, CGM, phone apps, internet resources, smart glucometers, personal assistants: Siri
  • Discuss goals and desired outcomes
  • Put an action plan in place which is reviewed and evaluated until desired outcome is reached

Why Our Approach Differs?

  • We respect individuals for their current knowledge knowledge „
  • We provide information that is practical and relveant to their lives„
  • Our method of learning is always connected an individual’s life experiences

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