The reaction to yesterdays post has been mixed both openly and behind the scenes, but so much so I felt it warranted a public response from myself. I knew when I posted the blog it would be controversial and I was prepared for that.

Selfish, Hiding & Not Doing Enough

Since the post went live,  I have been accused of hiding behind the blog, being selfish and basically not doing enough.

I have enough right now of doing TOO MUCH.

I founded Diabetes Insight in 2008 in response to what was NOT happening within the public system for people with diabetes. I turned my back on a permanent pensionable public service job because I felt I could do more for people with diabetes outside the system rather than being in it.

Not to blow smoke up my ass, but Diabetes Insight has been pioneering, revolutionary and ground breaking, but falls under the radar because I don’t have some fancy marketing/advertising budget to get my message out there. I am reliant on you and those who have benefited from the service to spread the word.

I wanted to create an affordable way for people with diabetes to access education and support when THEY felt they needed it, not when the system dictated they needed it. Since then I have traveled the length and breath of the country, met some wonderful people, tried to help as many as I can (sometimes at my own time and expense) and hopefully have made a difference to someone out there.

At Breaking Point

I am one, if the only self employed nurse in the country working in diabetes. It is not a life/career that many of them have been enticed to sign up to. I work 16 hour days, seven days a week. I have not had a proper holiday in 7 years. I have never taken a loan, grant, tax payers money to fund Diabetes Insight, it has always been my own money. I paid every single cent for my Masters myself. I have been financially at breaking point, more times than I would care to acknowledge. My husband lost his job they day I left the HSE. He has not worked since, not that he does not want to, because there is no work there……..and it might surprise many of ye out there to know…..he is a personal fitness trainer.

I have knocked on doors, invested astronomical amounts of time and effort reaching out not just to fitness professionals,  but all professionals in regards to diabetes. To be frank, I don’t have anymore to give, if they choose not to acknowledge or regard what I am trying to achieve, that is THEIR choice, it is not in response to my lack of effort as I have been accused of after yesterdays blog post.

I love what I Do

So why am I here? Why do I put up with all of this? Because I love what I do and I am passionate about diabetes and making life better for those who live with it. I know for those who have attended Diabetes Insight, we have made a difference to their lives, and as long as I keep hearing that, I will keep going, despite what all they Naysayers and Begrudgers say.

I will keep going for as long as I can, but right now, I am beginning to reach my limit. There is only so much one person can take. Some people might accuse me after this of having a pity party, but walk a mile in my shoes and then come back to me and accuse me of not doing enough or not trying hard enough.

It is one thing to be messed about and not acknowledged by some of your peers in Ireland, but when people with diabetes start doing it… it hurts. It reminds me of a time I went for an interview in Cork for a diabetes job and was told the reason I did not get it was because I was ‘TOO patient orientated’. I was turn down for a job because I would have done too much, rather than not doing enough. Says it all really about this country’s attitude to those who are prepared to get up off their ass and do something different and unique.

Far From Hiding

I have been accused of hiding behind my posts. All the blog posts on Diabetes Insight are written by me. My name is Helena Farrell, I am the founder & clinical director of Diabetes Insight. My mobile number is 0861739287. Ring me and tell me to my face after reading the above I am selfish, not doing enough and how I am hiding behind my blog posts.

We will see who is hiding now……..