‘If Only’ is an expression I hear too often at Diabetes Insight. I find it very distressing when someone attends my practice and says to me, ‘if only I had come sooner’, ‘if only I had known about this service ten years ago’.

Words that are spoken too late

These words are often spoken when its too late, and are motivated by pre meditating factors such as the onset of complications, commencing on insulin therapy when you have Type 2 Diabetes. People often access Diabetes Insight out of desperation, rather than taking preventative steps to avoid complications and it is so sad and deeply frustrating.

Our human nature dictates that we are only motivated by what we can see and feel and often in diabetes people do not feel or see complications with their condition until it is too late. It is extremely hard to motivate people on fear of impending complications, the fear of changes to be made to their lifestyle is often enough to keep people away from services like Diabetes Insight. This is upsetting, as the ‘presumed’ reality in a persons head could not be further from the truth when they actual attend Diabetes Insight. They are pleasantly surprised at the practical solutions that they are given that they can apply to their life immediately and get instant results.

Love Yourself

So do yourself a favour and get assessed at Diabetes Insight in relation to your self management. Maybe you have changes to make and need a bit of motivation. Maybe you are just looking for an endorsement as to how well you are doing. Whatever the reason….love yourself enough today to make that call and make a difference as to how you manage your diabetes