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Recently I have been reviewing how I do things here at Diabetes Insight and I have realised that one of the unique key aspects to the services that I provide is how practical and simple my approach is. Sometimes maybe too practical and simple for some. I have noticed within the last year individuals accessing the service looking for a more ‘simplified’ approach to their diabetes management and moving away from the challenges of what modern diabetes care has brought us.

It leads me to ask the question, have we over complicated aspects of diabetes management in recent times? With advances in modern technology we now have insulin pumps, continuous blood glucose monitors, bolus advisors, carb counting apps….the list is endless. But in all this hunger for the holy grail of the perfect piece of technology that will solve all our problems, have we ignored the very basics of diabetes management?

I meet individuals on a daily basis who expect me to have the perfect mathematical solution for solving all their carb counting problems. The answer is… I don’t and in actual fact I hate anything to do with maths and numbers. You can verify that with my long suffering maths teacher from my school days.

Have we traded our basic understanding of how carbs work, are digested and cooked, for a PHD in ratios and numbers? No one seems to know how to cook basic foods anymore, no seems to know how these foods have a bearing on their blood sugar levels. The language of correction factors, bolusing and insulin to carb ratios seems to have taken over.

I long for a more simple time, when the foundations of diabetes management such as diet, exercise and overall lifestyle changes were done well, were done right and were consistent, regardless of what type of diabetes you had. The hard reality is, that regardless of what type of diabetes you have, how much technology you embrace (or don’t); if you do not have a long term strategy in getting the key basics of diabetes management right, the outcome is the same across the board.

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