Not many people are aware that certain root vegetables have a higher carbohydrate content than many of their green leafy friends, and convert quickly to sugar in your blood stream, therefore rising blood glucose levels 2 hours after eating. Hydration and heat can rise a foods glycaemic index (GI) which has a significant impact on root vegetables. For example carrots when raw have a GI of 20 which is considered Low GI, when compared to boiled carrots which can rise their GI to 50 due to the gelatinization of their starch content. And in Ireland how we love boiling our veg to oblivion and then mashing it with lovely creamy butter!! Little do we realise the impact of these choices on our blood sugars after eating…a sharp spike will lead us to feel hungry again not long after a meal!

The gelatinization of many foods, for example mashed potato can have a considerable effect on its GI increasing Glycemic Indexes to 95 for mashed potatoes, which is considered high and will have a direct impact on blood glucose levels.

This does not mean a person should not have potatoes or root vegetables as part of a balanced diet. At Diabetes Insight I actively encourage people to have root vegetables and potatoes, but show participants who attend my cookery classes clever ways of stopping blood glucose from rising 2 hours after meals when having eaten these foods.

This means you do not have to be restrictive with your food choices and have foods that you enjoy, which are good for you.

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