If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions,
Diabetes Insight is here to help you!


Taking good care of yourself can seem overwhelming when you have diabetes,
whether you’ve just learned you have the disease or you’ve had it for a long time.

There’s a lot to consider, from eating healthy meals to exercising,
monitoring your blood glucose and taking your medications.

But the right tools and support can make diabetes self-care very manageable in your everyday life.


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[styled_image image=”http://diabetesinsight.ie/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/diabetes-appointments.jpg” w=”300″ h=”199″ link=”” lightbox=”no” alt=”diabetes insight consultations” align=”right” rel=””]Not only is Diabetes Insight an advice and support service/web based forum for people with diabetes all over Ireland and beyond, we also provide one on one consultation through our practice based in Cork city. Diabetes Insight is a private owned, highly specialized diabetes nurse led practice. Diabetes Insight provides professional, high quality advice & easy to understand information in a language you understand, to help, support, guide and increased confidence for people with diabetes in a supportive and holistic manner.

Diabetes Insight sees itself as an additional service to your existing diabetes health care providers. We help you to make the most out of the services that you attend and we help you to access additional services that you need and deserve.


On Your Visits to Our Practice we also provide: 

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  • Free HbA1c testing: walk away with your results in just under 6 minutes!
  • Free Blood Glucose Monitoring Equipment as well as replacement for any of your equipment needs
  • Free access to our Diabetes Social Support Group which meets once a month
  • To find out more on our other services, click here



[one_half][message_box]Initial Consultations: €65[/message_box][/one_half]

[one_half_last][message_box]Review Appointment: €35[/message_box][/one_half_last]


We would recommend that everyone who attends the practice has at least one review appointment a year.
This meets national and international practice and guidelines.

For those who are unable to attend the practice for whatever reasons, we can facilitate home visits,
as well as consultations via Skype.
Diabetes Insight also recognizes people with diabetes maybe working, have commitments during the day,
so evening and Saturday morning appointments are available


For further information contact us on:

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  • Diabetes Insight/Helena Farrell Consultancy
  • Convent House, Convent Avenue, Blackrock, Cork
  • Phone/Fax: +353 (21) 4358960
  • Email: hfarrell77@gmail.com


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