1. Diabetes Isolation

    My Diabetes story to date……. 2007 thinking my over active thyroid was out of remission, I went to my GP for blood tests. Results type 2 Diabetes. BG of 25.9 I very quickly adjusted my diet dramatically, and lost 5.5 stone thinking it would all get better somehow, and continued...
  2. On The Move!!!! An ‘Entreprenurses’ Start-Up

    Six years I have now been working freelance as a ‘diabetes nurse’. The reason for the inverted commas is that this seems to be the simplest, preferred label that others gave me(and myself included) that was the easiest to explain what I actually do in my job. But my role...
  3. Racing For A Cure!

    “A great way to sum up my disease that is type 1 diabetes……”It’s difficult. It’s upsetting. It’s life-threatening. It never goes away”. We have this disease hanging over us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Absolutely everything effects it which can be very hard to cope with. We...
  4. “Oh you’re diabetic, but you’re not even that fat?” Living with Type 1 Diabetes

    “My diabetes story began when I was 13. I was only a few months into first year in a new school. But my symptoms had been ongoing for a long time. Severe fatigue, constant thirst, headaches and always having to go to the bathroom! But the high blood sugars pushed...

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