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20% of people with Type 2 Diabetes Might Have ‘Exercise Resistant’ Genes

Ever wondered why is it that someone who walks 30 minutes every other day and loses 15 pounds is able to significantly reduce their Hba1c, whereas another person who reports to exercising twice as much is unable to achieve the same success? A recent study study maybe able to answer this question by showing that certain […]

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The increased risk of eye-related nerve damage in diabetes

For many people they may associate neuropathy with damage to the nerve endings in the arms and legs. But many people may not associate it with damage to the nerve endings in the eyes also. Nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy is the most common eye-related neuropathy (nerve damage or dysfunction) in people aged 50 and over. The […]

What factors are associated with insulin-related hypoglycemia?

Background Insulin is a cornerstone of type 1 diabetes treatment and is increasingly introduced early in the treatment course for patients with type 2 diabetes. However, it remains one of the most challenging and limiting aspects of diabetes medical management.  This is due to complexities in dosing and administration, as well as the need for routine monitoring of […]

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Physical activity, glycaemic control and peripheral neuropathy

A recently published study evaluated the association between physical activity, glycemic control and peripheral neuropathy among diabetic patients. Background Peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage often resulting in pain and/or loss of sensation) is a common complication among diabetic patients. Peripheral neuropathy not only impairs activities of daily living, but also makes patients more susceptible to infections in the affected […]

World Diabetes Day: Why celebrate on November 14th?

Today is World Diabetes Day and around the world, various awareness campaigns will culminate on today to acknowledge those who live with diabetes and for those who are do not, to make them more aware & understanding of what it is like to live with diabetes. But for me, I like to give thanks and […]

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