Beware of Weight Loss Promises That Can Cause Damage to Your Diabetes Management

Where is the Soup Maker Now?  So its that time of the year again, when for the majority of people, all that commitment & enthusiasm for losing weight on January 1st has disappeared. The fancy new lunch box with 20 compartments is now under the car seat with empty bags of Taytos. The soup maker…

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your choice of doctor or consultant is very important for your Diabetes, by Diabetes Insight, Cork, Ireland

Why Doctors Aren’t Enough to Help Keep Diabetes in Check

Patients with diabetes need access to doctors and medicines to help them keep their disease under control. But they also need food in their pantries and enough money in their pockets to pay for necessities like rent and heat, a new study shows. Among a group of 411 patients being treated for Type 2 diabetes…

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How You Cook is Just as Important as What You Eat When You Have Diabetes

I have many people who attend Diabetes Insight for meal planning, supermarket tours, cookery classes etc. I am constantly amazed at the amount of people who have attended several other professionals and practionners for their diabetes management and the issue of how the sugar content of foods is affected in the cooking process is never…

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