Are Older Adults Being Over treated for Diabetes?

Older adults are not the same as younger patients. You’d think this was obvious, yet doctors often use a one-size-fits-all approach to prescribing treatment that can put their older patients at risk. The latest example of this: another study showing that patients 65 or older with diabetes may be over treated by doctors who too aggressively…

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image of Women exercising fighting diabetes by Diabetes Insight Cork Ireland

Personalizing & Individualizing HbA1c Targets

  The next time you visit a member of your diabetes team, ask them is your HbA1c target individualized to you. We all recognize the fact that HbA1c targets should be under 7% but this may be a too generalized target for many people and is fast becoming an outdated approach. Internationally diabetes care is moving…

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image of a diary action plan for Diabetes by Diabetes Insight, Cork Ireland

The Power of HbA1c

For anyone with diabetes, the HbA1c test is the one test that really gives an insight as to how their diabetes is being managed. For me as a health care professional, I find the HbA1c a particularly motivating tool in my practice. It opens up a discussion as to how people who have reached good…

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