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Sex while wearing an Insulin Pump

Lets be honest, diabetes does not lend itself to the kind of spontaneity that sex requires. The checking of the blood sugar prior to ‘getting it on’, the disconnecting of the pump etc does require having an understanding and open partner. So lets be honest…

Support for Parents of Children/Teens with Type 1 Diabetes

  Constant & Complex Managing diabetes in a child or teen requires constant attention and adjustment of insulin, carbohydrate intake, and activity level. Intensive diabetes management has the potential to improve diabetes outcomes; however, negotiating the many lifestyle accommodations essential to optimal diabetes control can…

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Diabetes: The Clash of An Invisible Disease & a Crystal Ball

How a Non-Diabetic ‘Sees’s Diabetes Diabetes regardless of type, is practically for most of the time is an invisible disease. For someone who does not have diabetes, they cannot form an emotional connection to it, in the way they can with other diseases, for example…

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