Cholesterol Testing

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People with diabetes are 20% more likely to suffer with cardiovascular disease than those without diabetes. At Diabetes Insight we are passionate about preventative health care and preventing complications associated with diabetes.

We offer point of care cholesterol testing as an additional service at Diabetes Insight. The test involves taking a non fasting finger pick sample which gives a reading in less than 3 minutes. We advise people with diabetes should have a fasting venous sample taken by their GP once a year to check their cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol testing is available for 15 euros at our head office in Cork.

A person with diabetes should aim for a cholesterol level of 4.5mmol/l our under. At Diabetes Insight we provide intensive lifestyle management supports and plans in place to help people reduce their cholesterol level in a natural way without the use of medication.

Those that have followed our Diabetes Insight Cholesterol Plan have achieved their targets within 6 months of following the plan, and avoided going on statin therapy

To book a cholesterol test or to learn more about our cholesterol supports for people with diabetes, please contact us on (086) 1739287, email: or alternatively please fill out the form below

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