Diabetes Health Screenings: What You Need to Know

Diabetes health screenings are a useful initiative for creating awareness of the potential risk factors for diabetes and possible detection of diabetes. of the 250,000 people in Ireland who have Type 2 Diabetes, half of this group do not even realize they have it. By the time a person starts to develop symptoms with Type 2 Diabetes, research indicates that they have probably had Type 2 Diabetes for at least 7-10 years and about 50% of this group will already have developed complications. Therefore for people who are at risk of diabetes, screening is of vital importance. The sooner a person with suspected Type 2 Diabetes is caught the better, it can be easily treated and the complications delayed or prevented entirely.

At Helena Farrell Consultancy/Diabetes Insight, we provide an expertly organized, safe and effective diabetes health screening service/programmes, which meets both national and international best practice.

Training & Expertise

If you are an individual, community organisation or company looking to organize a diabetes health screening it is of vital importance that screening is carried out by:

  • A competent health care professional e.g: registered general nurse
  • They ideally should have a relevant knowledge base & expertise in diabetesprivate nurse diabetes insight appintments
  • Who is insured to carry out screening i.e has professional indemnity insurance that covers screening
  • Working within their scope of practice.

Traditionally diabetes screenings in Ireland are carried out by registered nurses, who are protected by professional indemnity insurance to carry out screening and who are trained and competent in following clinical procedure related to capillary blood glucose monitoring and interpretation of results. This is important to note, as various research studies have noted that without the proper experience and training in relation to capillary blood glucose monitoring, the range and frequency of inaccuracies is much greater. Unfortunately many screenings are conducted by individuals who may not meet these requirements so it is vital that you insist on checking a persons credentials and look for documentation if you have too.

You are guaranteed adherence to best practice guidelines when choosing a specialized nursing consultancy such as Helena Farrell Consultancy/Diabetes Insight to carry out your Diabetes Screening.


At Diabetes Insight/Helena Farrell Consultancy, all diabetes health screenings are carried out by its Director, Helena Farrell, who is a registered general nurse with professional indemnity insurance for performing diabetes screenings, with over ten years experience in this particular field. Helena has worked for[pull_quote align=”left”] Helena’s expert knowledge in diabetes and ease at which she performs screening provides the ultimate reassurance[/pull_quote] many years with Diabetes Ireland in carrying out screenings and was Project Leader for a screening initiative in Mitchelstown, Co.Cork, which aimed to screen the population of the North Cork town for diabetes over a three month period, called the Mitchelstown Express Health Check. Helena regularly performs annual and biannual screenings in pharmacies all over Munster, which have proved hugely popular and successful with both individuals and pharmacies. Her expert knowledge in diabetes and ease at which she performs screening provides the ultimate reassurance for both the individual and the pharmacy involved. Having an MSc in Diabetes, puts Helena in a unique position to give not only expert advice to a person at risk of diabetes, but also to people with diabetes who may wish to attend the screening. Helena also has provided training to pharmacies who may wish to roll out their own health screening programmes. For further information and testimonials please click here

What is Involved

instrument for checking insulin levels in diabetesA screening will usually begin with a Diabetes Risk Factor questionnaire.Screening is carried out by performing a finger prick test, that an individual does not need to be fasting for, which provides a result in 5 seconds, making it painless, efficient and effective. All monitoring is carried out using equipment that is up to date, quality assured and controlled, whilst adhering to the strictest universal precautions. Results will be given along with advice and information on what lifestyle measures that can have a significant impact on reducing blood sugar levels.

All screening equipment, literature and additional requirements will be provided by Diabetes Insight/Helena Farrell Consultancy. All the organizer has to do is provide the venue and the people and let Diabetes Insight/Helena Farrell Consultancy do the rest!!

What if the results are abnormal? 

Any abnormal results will automatically be referred to an individuals GP for further investigation. A number of reasons/situations may give reason as to why a blood sugar level may be abnormal, which may not be related to diabetes. Unless the person who is carrying out the screening has the required training, expert knowledge and skill in this area, they may end up heightening anxieties and giving misguided information. Therefore, when choosing Helena Farrell Consultancy/Diabetes Insight, which is an expert nurse led service which specializes in diabetes, you can be guaranteed that this will not happen. All screenings are carried out in a confidential manner. It is a policy of Helena Farrell Consultancy/Diabetes Insight to personally follow up any abnormal results to allay any fears or concerns an individual may have.

Additional Talks/Presentations/Seminars & ScreeningsLiving well seminar

Helena is widely regarded as an excellent public speaker and has years of experience at speaking at both a regional and national level. Many organizers of health screening events may wish to include a talk to raise awareness of the risk factors of diabetes and what can be done to reduce them. Helena would be more than happy to facilitate this request if required.

Helena can also provide additional screening for cholesterol, HbA1c testing for people with diabetes, blood pressure, body fat analysis, BMI and weigh in’s.

Why Choose Diabetes Insight/Helena Farrell Consultancy for your Diabetes Health Screening? 

  • An expert nurse led service, where one of its specialties is in diabetes health screening. Helena Farrell who is a registered nurse, who holds an MSc in diabetes. Ideally all screenings should be carried out by an experienced nurse. 
  • Over ten years experience in organizing and delivering diabetes health screenings
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance to carry out diabetes screening
  • Safe, effective, well run screenings that meet both national and international best practice
  • Up to date equipment used which is quality assured and controlled ensuring accuracy of results.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times
  • Competent knowledge, training and skills to avoid inaccuracies or misguided information
  • Additional talks. presentations/seminars available on request

If you would like further information on diabetes health screening or you would like to book Helena Farrell Consultancy/Diabetes Insight for a health screening, please do not hesitate to contact us on (086) 1739287 or by emailing: hfarrell77@gmail.com


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