Diabetes Insight Model of Care: Why We are Different?

At the core of Diabetes Insights philosophy is that no two people with diabetes are the same, therefore neither should be the education and support that they receive. Unfortunately due to the constraints on existing health services within Ireland, support and resources for people with diabetes tends to be of a generalist nature, and can cause more confusion and fear amongst those new to diabetes.

Why We Are Advanced

Diabetes Insight has devised a new model of care for people with diabetes, based on our research through our practice, with international partners and years of study and experience. This new model of care for people with diabetes is a more ADVANCED form of education/support than what is currently available to people with diabetes within Ireland. We also provide training and support to health care professionals to educate and support them also in bringing new methods of imparting diabetes knowledge, resources and supports to clients of theirs with diabetes. To learn more about our courses for health care professionals please click here

Diabetes Insight Model of Care©

Our interaction with people who have diabetes involves a 3 tier approach. They are the following:


Diabetes Insight Model of Care


The majority of consultations with diabetes specialist nurses/educators in Ireland involves just education solely. At Diabetes Insight it is part of our approach, but not all of it. We specialise in a particular style of education called self-management education, which you can learn more about here. This form of education has been proven to be the most beneficial form of education for people with diabetes, rather than traditional methods, which tend to be prescriptive and based on compliance.

People learn in different ways: auditory, visual, kinesthetic. At Diabetes Insight we assess how people learn by using a variety of validated assessments prior to them attending their appointments to adapt our consultations to make for a better and more comfortable learning experience for the client.

At Diabetes Insight we actively promote health literacy within our practice. Diabetes Insight recognises through our studies and interactions with clients that understanding of the knowledge provided through our sessions is greatly enhanced when communication is clear and in a language the individual understands. This concurs with some of the findings made on health literacy needs in Ireland by the the National Adult Literacy Agency which you can read more about here

Psychological Support/Behaviours

Diabetes Insight actively engages, supports and enhances the psychological needs and behaviours of those who attend our practice. People with diabetes experience disproportionately high rates of psychological disorders, with depression and anxiety being the most common diagnoses. Some studies have suggested that approximately 40% of patients will have significantly elevated symptoms of depression[1].

Diabetes Insight also has access to a number of psychology services including a service by Dr Jamie O’Sullivan who is based at the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre with Diabetes Insight. To learn more about this service click here

At Diabetes Insight we are trained in facilitation and coaching in which we use a variety of methods to address behaviours of apathy and motivation very successfully with our clients.

Diabetes Support/Resources

Once we have assessed clients in regards to the above steps, it is only then we provide tailored advice, support and resources in relation to their diabetes. This makes for a very relaxed, practical and unique approach for those that attend/utilise our services. This ultimately leads to a better understanding of their diabetes and more effective control long term.


[1] Katon, Wayne J. “Epidemiology and treatment of depression in patients with chronic medical illness.” Dialogues in clinical neuroscience 13.1 (2011): 7.

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