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You live with diabetes 24/7, 365 days a year. You are the expert when it comes to your diabetes. But from time to time we all need a helping hand. At Diabetes Insight we provide a number of services both to people with diabetes and health care professionals. Offering knowledge, support and motivation to both these groups from a highly experienced, evidence based professional providing a quality service is the main aim of Diabetes Insight.

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For an Individual with Diabetes

We recognize at Diabetes Insight that living with diabetes at times is not easy. Providing a diabetes clinic that gives you what you need and deserve is our priority. We try to blend your clinical needs within a holistic experience, giving you a different approach & understanding to your diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition for life, and building up a long lasting partnership with a trusted health care professional, can make a lasting difference to your diabetes goals and outcomes. Here are some of the following aspects of our service that you can expect from us:

  • Trust & Confidentiality: Our diabetes clinic space is a confidential, sacred space, free from interruptions, noise and rush. This allows us to focus entirely on you and your needs, helping us to develop a partnership of care.


  • Ownership & Transparency: Because Diabetes Insight is provided by a self employed health care professional, the client who attends the service, owns the service, because they pay the health care professional directly. This allows for complete transparency. The client also has complete ownership of their diabetes care plan, and how it is negiotated and managed.


  • Self/Open Referral: You are in complete control of your own diabetes and at Diabetes Insight we recognize the responsibility and pressure that managing your diabetes brings on an everyday level. In taking charge of your diabetes, knowing when to reach out for support and help is key. That is why at Diabetes Insight we have an open, self referral policy, which allows you to book an appointment when you need, at any time that suits you. Having access to a specialized service, without restrictions or delays, has found to improve not only the quality of care you receive, but benefit your long term success with living with diabetes.


  • Simple, Effective Advice: Have you ever left from an appointment with another health care professional, confused and bothered about the information that you have been given? Were you given literature that you cannot understand or does not apply to you? Did you understand the terms and language that the health care professional used or were afraid to ask? Were you motivated to make changes to your diabetes after your consultation. If you answer is no to any of these questions, Diabetes Insight is here to help. At Diabetes Insight we provide advice and support in a simple, yet effective manner, in a language that you understand. We plan goals of your care that are easy for you to understand and follow, and that also motivate you to change. Having trained for many years in facilitation skills, health coaching, psychotherapy and lifestyle management, we understand the importance of hearing and learning about diabetes in terms that you understand.


  • Consistency: Many of our clients have been attending and using the Diabetes Insight service for many years, helping to build on a relationship between client and health care professional, based on partnership and trust. This also allows for consistency in the service, because when you meet with the same health care professional on each visit, they will get  to know your exact needs and requirements over time. If you are unsure of whether Diabetes Insight is suitable for you, we can put you in contact with a number of our clients for advice and their experiences of our service.


  • Availability 24/7: We understand here at Diabetes Insight that diabetes is not a condition that goes from 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday. That is why we provide you with 24/7 telephone access to a specialized diabetes nurse, who can assist you with any ‘diabetes emergencies’ that you may have.


  • No Waiting Lists/Times: We pride ourselves on the fact that our diabetes clinic runs on a strict schedule, allowing you to plan your day free from the pressures and stresses of delays. Also when booking new appointments, we have a waiting list no longer than a two week wait for our diabetes clinic at any given time, which, when you are newly diagnosed can provide you with instant access to diabetes education and support from the time you are diagnosed. This is widely regarded in research as having a major positive impact  on your long term diabetes management .


  • Low Cost/High Value: We understand that many people are suffering in todays current economic climate and access to healthcare is costly and time consuming. We strive at Diabetes Insight to keep costs as low as possible, with only 50 euro charge for an initial consultation, which lasts for an hour and 25 euros thereafter for a half hour review. On average most people have two reviews in a year, therefore, the cost of your diabetes education can be for as little as 50 euros in a year!! Compare this to many private diabetes clinics that charge well over a 100euros for a 10-15 minute consultation, and you realise that Diabetes insight provides a high quality, specialised service for great value.


  • Time: Time is a precious commodity for many people, but when you have diabetes, having a place to go to that gives you time and space to express how you really feel about having diabetes, can be vital for your diabetes management. At Diabetes Insight we structure your appointments around your needs, we listen and hear your concerns and worries about having diabetes, and give you the time and support to manage those concerns and worries.


  • Understanding Your Health Beliefs: What we have found at Diabetes Insight and much research supports this, that having an understanding of a persons health beliefs leads to a greater understanding of how an individual lives and copes on a day to day level with having diabetes. For example, having an intense diet and exercise regime is not sustainable if the person carrying out the regime does not believe in diet and exercise. At Diabetes Insight we use facilitative coaching and motivational techniques to help you understand your health beliefs before we ever begin to design a care plan for you. This leads to greater success in achieving your diabetes outcomes compared with other diabetes clinics who do not actively practice these techniques.


  • Individualised Care:  No two people with diabetes are the same and we at Diabetes Insight recognize that. That is why each person who attends the diabetes clinic has a personal model of care that is owned, designed and tailor made by the diabetes nurse. Advice given is different from person to person, because you are unique and so too are your diabetes needs and management.


  • Preparing for Visits with other Health Care Professionals: Clients who have attended the service, utilise their reviews to prepare for visits with other health care professionals such as their diabetes consultant. We provide a written report at Diabetes Insight for you to take away, including a free HbA1c level, taken on our Siemens Dexa Analyser, which is also sent to your GP/Consultant. We would consider that Diabetes Insight is seen as an optional back up service, rather than a replacement service for any hospital/community diabetes service that the client might be attending. We work in partnership with your existing services to ensure that you are getting the most from your diabetes team.


  • Latest Diabetes Products: The world we live in is moving at a fast pace. Technological advances have seen diabetes care also moving into this new ‘techno age’ with great speed. At Diabetes Insight we have recognised this, so we stock up to date blood glucose monitoring equipement, as well as software for downloading results, which is all free, and available on request. Also we stock the latest in diabetes products which are currently available in our diabetes clinic and our online shop which will be launched soon.


  • Evening & Weekend Appointments: We provide evening and weekend appointments for clients who cannot attend the diabetes clinic during the day or weekdays. You may need to book in advance for these clinics as they are based on demand.


  • Diabetes Skype Consultations: For clients who may not be able to attend the diabetes clinic but who want access to diabetes education, we now facilitate consultations online, embracing the digital age that we are now in.


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On your initial visit to Diabetes Insight we assess and discuss with you where you currently stand with your diabetes, how you feel, how you were diagnosed, the impact it has on your day to day life, your family and friends amongst other issues or concerns you have. You are fully in charge throughout the consultation and lead the direction of the consultation where you would like it to go. This ensures you gain maximum benefit from your visit with us. Many of the topics we cover are:

  • How you developed diabetes?
  • A general overview and understanding of diabetes
  • Risk factors of diabetes in your family and diabetes screening is provided for families
  • Dietary advice and plans
  • Exercise advice and plans
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress Management
  • Your emotional wellbeing
  • Treatment explaination, education & advice on diabetes oral medications, GLP1 hormone therapy and insulin therapy
  • Weight management
  • Blood Pressure & cholesterol assessment & advice
  • Full assessment of diabetes equipment needs & supplies given if neccessary
  • Explaination of blood sugar readings: The high’s and low’s
  • What to do when you are ill
  • Sharps Disposal
  • Travel advice
  • Driving advice
  • Insurance
  • Rights & entitlements
  • Foot examination
  • HbA1c check
  • What your blood tests mean
  • Complications associated with diabetes
  • What to expect from your health care professionals
  • Help with accessing services/support
  • Reading List/Information Pack

We would highly encourage clients attending the practice to bring a family member/friend with them.

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