Diabetes Social Group

There has been a huge increase in the amount of social support groups in recent years, not only in diabetes, but other chronic conditions also. Other terms to describe social support groups are self help groups or peer support groups. Support can come from a variety of sources such as family, friends, health care professionals and peers. Support groups usually arise out of a perceived need for individuals with a similiar condition such as diabetes, to come together to seek support, share experiences and information. 

Diabetes Insight facilitates a social group once a month from its practice in the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre, Blackrock, Cork. This group meets once a month for an informal chat, cup of tea (and the odd nice biscuit!!) to discuss all aspects of living with diabetes on a day to day level. This group is faciliated by a diabetes nurse, to ensure each person leaves fully satisfied with what they have gained from the meeting, to clear up any misinformation that may arise and to provide support and assistance to all who attend.

The group is free to attend and is open to anyone with diabetes, family, friends and carers, whether they have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, at any age or stage of their diabetes. The groups philosophy is that we can all learn from each other, and it starts with those who have diabetes firstly.


Here are some of the comments from actual participants of the diabetes social group: 

[quote author=”Anonymous” image=”” w=”” h=”” image_align=””]”That you can talk to the rest of the group, learn helpful tips, share feelings, be honest, have a laugh, share common problems”[/quote]

[quote author=”Anonymous” image=”” w=”” h=”” image_align=””]Very supportive….. impressive!![/quote]

[quote author=”Anonymous” image=”” w=”” h=”” image_align=””]I really enjoyed it and good to know that I am not alone[/quote]

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