Dietary Management for Type 2 Diabetes

At Diabetes Insight we provide a range of dietary advice, plans and approaches for people with type 2 diabetes that are flexible, easy to follow and are based on widely recognized evidence. When newly diagnosed with diabetes, it can be difficult to understand what are ideal foods, and there are alot of myths and misinformation out there. Many people fear change and feel they may end up being too restrictive with their diets.

Low GI Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

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It is our belief that all people with diabetes regardless of type, should be following a Low Glycaemic Index (GI) Diet as the foundation of good health. Everyone, including people with no diabetes, should be maintaining a healthy, balanced diet to ward off potential health risks such as high cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease. To read more about the Low GI Diet please click here

Our tailored and individual Low GI plans for people with Type 2 Diabetes are based on science and experience. Many people embark on dietary changes that leave them feeling hungry and restrictive. We know if anyone attends our practice and feels this way especially 1-2 hours after eating they are not eating Low GI. Eating high GI foods will leave you feeling hungry between meals, led to dips and spikes in blood glucose levels, which will make you crave food even more, and usually the wrong types of foods.

Embarking on a exercise regime? Low GI can help

One of  several reasons given to us by clients as to why they are afraid to embark on an exercise regime is a fear of low blood glucose levels. By eating Low GI foods you can eradicate or reduce this risk and have confidence when exercising.

Lose Weight & Other Benefits

Low GI eating is also useful for targeting blood glucose levels two hours after eating, which often can be the main culprit for HbA1c levels being raised. Keeping levels 10mmol/l or under 2 hours after eating is advisable to achieve a normal HbA1c level.

Low GI also helps control cholesterol and blood pressure levels, as well as regulate weight. This is due to the high fibre, slow release foods that are used as part of the approach.

The Natural Holistic Approach

As is everyone’s right, many individuals may prefer a natural holistic approach to managing their dietary requirements with Type 2 Diabetes. People with diabetes are the highest users of complementary medicine worldwide. This maybe due to the fact that they feel conventional dietary advice has failed them for one reason or another. One of our core beliefs at Diabetes Insight is informed decision making, once a person has been informed of all their options, given information, resources and support, the ultimate decision for their health lies with them. At Diabetes Insight we respect all our clients choices and support them going forward in a safe and practical manner.

At Diabetes Insight is happy to discuss any queries that you may have to ensure that the approach you have chosen is right for you and also ultimately safe for your health. Our in house Nutritional Therapist Tara Dorgan of the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre is also on board to support your choices and decisions.

All our consultations contain meal plans, recipes and shopping lists

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