HbA1c Testing


At Diabetes Insight we include HbA1c testing in all our consultations for all our clients. The test involves taking a finger pick sample the same as taking a capillary blood sugar level. We use a Siemens DCA Vantage Analyzer to give us a result in 6 minutes.

HbA1c testing is a vital part of diabetes management, is integral to avoiding complications and achieving effective successful diabetes control.

‘The Power of HbA1c’ is a blog written by Diabetes Insight in 2008. It is still our most popular blog and provides clear and concise information in relation to HbA1c. Please click here to find out more

HbA1c testing can be accessed by non clients of Diabetes Insight for a charge of 25 euros. To contact us please ring (086) 1739287, email: diabetesinsightireland@gmail.com or alternatively please fill out the form below

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