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Diabetes Workshops

Diabetes Insight provides a service for health care professionals, where we go on site, to your place of work, to facilitate workshops; saving you time and money spent on the likes of fuel & accommodation. These workshops are all evidence based, well researched, professionally run and Diabetes Insight has more than 10 years of experience to share, dealing directly with people who have diabetes. The aim of these workshops is to update your knowledge, as health care professionals of diabetes and help you to feel more confident in dealing with people with diabetes.

Diabetes Insight recognizes that time is of the essence for those working in the health care profession, so workshops can be tailored to suit your needs, in regards to time, length, content & location. Diabetes Insight will travel to any location within the Republic of Ireland.

Many of the places where Diabetes Insight has held workshops for health care professionals are:
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  • Shanakiel Hospital, Cork
  • Mercy University Hospital, Cork
  • Out Patients Department, Ennis General Hospital
  • Old Windmill Medical Centre, Limerick
  • Blackrock Hall Primary Care Centre, Cork
  • Berminghams Pharmacy, Fermoy
  • Irish Nurses & Midwifes Organisation (INMO), Dublin (ongoing workshops, go to for further information)


These workshops are ideally suited for health care professionals working in the front line that would come in regular contact with people with diabetes, for example, community hospitals, out patients departments, GP practices and pharmacies.

For a brochure & further information please do not hesitate to contact us on how best to suit and address your needs




Diabetes Pharmacy Screenings 

It is currently estimated that 250,000 people in Ireland have Type 2 diabetes and half of these people do not even realise they have the condition. Because Type 2 Diabetes is such a silent condition, but can cause much damage if not treated, a screening service is a vital service within any community.


Screening people randomly in the community, through a professionally run, evidence based service can be an invaluable tool for any health care business such as pharmacies. It is from Diabetes Insights experience of screening down through the years that for every 100 people screened, 10% are referred to their GP for further investigation and 1-2% are diagnosed with diabetes.


Diabetes Insight brings all the screening tools & equipment necessary to the location. On screening an individual, a diabetes risk factor assessment is taken, as well as a random capillary blood sugar, weight, height, body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure if required. Referrals for further investigation by the individuals GP will be given on the day if required. Advice is given in a confidential and holistic manner & literature is provided to those who attend.


Diabetes Insight also provides a facility where we can provide ‘pop up’ consultations for people who currently have diabetes, assessing them, educating them, updating their diabetes equipment and taking a HbA1c test. This is invaluable service for any pharmacy to provide to their clients, especially for those people with diabetes who attend their pharmacy time and time again for their diabetes medication & advice.


For further information on our screening services, please do not hesitate to contact us




Setting Up Your Own Diabetes Service

As health care professionals, we all recognize that diabetes is a growing problem not only in Ireland but worldwide. Many health care professionals want to help their patients with diabetes but don’t know how, or where to start. At Diabetes Insight, we can help you to address these issues, whether it is developing a diabetes screening service within a pharmacy or a diabetes clinic within a GP practice.

Diabetes Insight has years of experience working with individual health care professionals and practices in establishing and developing services within their area.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us

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