Holistic Services and Supports For Diabetes in Ireland


Diabetes Insight is supported by a wonderful team of integrated practionners from its base in the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre. This makes us the ONLY service within Ireland that integrates a number of practices, approaches and techniques from different disciplines, both conventional and complementary to help support people with diabetes to self manage their condition more effectively.

Stay Away From Practioners That Claim Their Way Is The  Only Way

There are many centres out there that claim to be ‘integrated’ but in reality they are far from it. Any practioner that boasts that their practice is the only way, your only option, they are not integrated and stay well away from them. They are only their for themselves, not you and usually it shows that they are not confident within themselves or their practice if they are not willing to work within a team and provide an integrated approach. In healthcare you cannot but work from an integrated approach, and anyone who thinks contrary does not understand the health care needs of not just their clients, but society in general.

You Deserve The Best

That is why at Diabetes Insight we are different. We don’t just say it, we are doing it. I welcome walk ins at the centre to show we are practicing what we preach. We are professional, we have high standards, we are continuously in a cycle of development within ourselves and our practices so as to provide the latest information and services at our fingers. We are not afraid to recognize our own boundaries and refer to other practices both in and outside the centre if needed. We are client centered, rather than practice centre. That what makes us different. By you coming to see us you are putting a value on yourself and on us, and we appreciate that. At Diabetes Insight & the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre you are not just coming for your health, you are coming for an experience, one you find difficult to access anywhere else in Ireland.

Services On Offer

At the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre we provide a number of support services that people with diabetes can access

Complementing Existing Medical Services.

Many people with diabetes think that they cannot have therapies such as acupuncture or reflexology. Because of Diabetes Insight being based within the centre, we are able to provide expert advice and support that says contrary. This empowers you to access services that normally you would be advised against, perhaps reducing your reliance on certain medications and preventing long term complications or delaying the progression of existing ones.

Under no circumstances do we make any wild cat claims to cure, treat &/or reverse diabetes or any other medical condition. We neither are a replacement service, we run in conjunction with your existing medical services. We have no issues with liaising with your medical team if requested by you and we encourage health care professionals to pick up the phone and contact us to discuss queries & concerns.

We look at the issues concerning you and tailor the treatments to your needs. For example if someone attends for painful neuropathy we might recommend acupuncture, to reduce their risk of developing eye problems we could recommend a nutritional consultation, for painful joints/frozen shoulder we may recommend massage and strength training. We are the only diabetes service within Ireland that can tailor, integrate and provide this level of support to those living with diabetes. Because we have clinical supervision and supports we can provide a safe and trusted environment within our centre for people with diabetes to access when they need it.

All people with diabetes who attend the centre are pre assessment by Diabetes Insight first to see which therapy/practice suits their needs first. Depending on your needs, you may or may not be referred to an additional practice. It is in our experience that usually one session with Diabetes Insight can help alleviate most issues people with diabetes experience

So why not call us today on 021 4358960, mob: 0861739287 or email: corkhealthlifestylecentre@gmail.com. Alternatively please fill in the form below with your phone number for a call back

It is a decision you won’t regret.