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Diabetes Insight is the only private independent advisory service and education centre specializing in Diabetes Self Management Education (DSME) within the Republic of Ireland. It was founded and directed by Helena Farrell RGN, MSc Diabetes who has more than 14 years experience working with people with diabetes in Ireland. To learn more about Helena please click here

[pull_quote align=”left”]We provide the time & resources to empower your clients to make the necessary beneficial changes that they need to self manage their diabetes more effectively[/pull_quote]The concept of health education and lifestyle management delivered by freelance nurses within their own independent practices can be new for many health care professionals and it is understandable that they maybe a bit wary at first. In Ireland health education is typically delivered through mainstream primary or secondary health care services. Unfortunately this may not always provide the time or resources necessary to empower a client to adopt the changes required to improve their health. At Diabetes Insight, we can provide the time and resources necessary that help your patients make necessary beneficial changes to their health to help self manage their diabetes more effectively.

Many so-called ‘lifestyle’ management or ‘weight loss’ programmes are targeted at people with conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure by unregulated ‘professionals’, who do not have medical or clinical knowledge of how these conditions work, therefore they may cause more harm than good. Having a health care professional, specialized in many of these condition’s and with recognized qualifications in weight & lifestyle management, guarantees your patients a safe environment in [pull_quote align=”left”]There is a growing need for high quality education from a regulated, experienced professional that you can trust[/pull_quote]which you can trust.

With the growing epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, and their associated links to obesity, weight issues and cardiovascular disease worldwide, including Ireland, there is a growing need of high quality education and lifestyle management services that offer choice to people that they can trust. This can be found at Diabetes Insight. With a proven track record across Ireland for offering high quality education and lifestyle management that works to both people with diabetes and health care professionals, you have found a true partner in health care.

Testimonials and References are available on request or by clicking here

What Can We Offer?

  • We cater for people with ALL Types of Diabetes
  • One to One Consultations with a specialized nurse advisor providing an individualized, tailor made approach
  • Support and Resources
  • Diabetes Coaching & Psychological Support
  • Dietary Planning based on the Low Glycaemic Index Diet
  • Carbohydrate Counting for Type 1 Diabetes
  • Supermarket Tours
  • Cookery Courses
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • HbA1c Testing
  • Fitness and Physical Activity Programmes
  • Understanding Blood Glucose Pattern Management
  • Medication & Insulin Therapy Education
  • Stress Management
  • Additional Lifestyle Advice
  • Liaise with other health care professionals



  • We do not provide any clinical intervention or initiate medication regimes etc as we are solely an advisory, education and lifestyle management service. Neither do we offer advice on specific client medication regimes without doctor-patient consent.
  • We base all our approaches, techniques and interventions on evidence-based research that fully complies with current existing guidelines surrounding education and lifestyle interventions.
  • We view ourselves as an ‘add on’ service or complementary service that co-exists with a clients existing health care providers. Therefore we are not a replacement service, neither do we ‘own’ clients. Our service is transparent and a clients health care provider i.e: GP will be notified when taking part in a programme as additional information maybe required with the clients consent.
  • Our service is confidential and complies at all times with Data Protection legislation.
  • All clients are advised to seek medical advice and attention before and after participating in the programme.
  • While we do take clinical measurements on our point of care machines, these are solely for educational and motivational reasons. All measurements are given to clients as they own these results and they have the responsibility of reporting these back to their current health care providers. We encourage people with stable blood results, with no significant risk factors at least twice yearly visits to their GP, for those who have sub-optimal &/or maybe unstable with risk factors, every 3 months to their GP. This complies with current best practice & guidelines [3].
  • It is not our policy to judge, provide opinions or comments on other health care providers, a clients medication regimes or treatments. We would ask other health care professionals to be equally respectful of our service.

If you require further information or wish to speak to Helena in person, you can ring (086) 1739287 or email:

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[2] Coalition of National Health Education Organizations. Introduction. Health Education Code of Ethics. November 8, 1999, Chicago, IL. Retrieved May 1, 2009


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