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Set in the peaceful, rural setting of West Cork, Lavender Lodge Health Studio offers you a unique & enjoyable experience when it comes to exercise & weight loss. Because of its quite, rural setting, Lavender Lodge has become a firm a favourite for many people who suffer from a lack of confidence when it comes to exercise & weight loss because of the privacy it provides. [pull_quote align=”left”]Lack of confidence, no previous history of exercising, no time and fear are the top four reasons cited by the majority of people as to why they don’t exercise[/pull_quote]

Every year brings new fitness crazes to the market. But some of these are out of reach to many people, they may even be intimidated by them, therefore eliminating a generation/population of people, who actually need to be exercising. Lack of confidence, no previous history of exercising, no time and fear are the top four reasons cited by the majority of people as to why they don’t exercise. But we know that exercise and fitness are now integral to living a long and healthy life free from many of the chronic health conditions that can be caused by poor lifestyle habits, such as diabetes & cardiovascular disease.


So What Makes Lavender Lodge Health Studio Different from every other fitness practice?

  • Lavender Lodge Health Studio uses simple, basic and effective exercise that is easy for anyone, of any age or fitness level to do.
  • Lavender Lodge Health Studio is completely medically supervised and monitored.
  • Lavender Lodge Health Studio does not use any fancy equipment, gimmicks or high powered music to distract you, just concentrates solely on improving your fitness & motivation
  • Lavender Lodge Health Studio is more productive for you, as you can have a whole gym to yourself & are guaranteed to have whatever machine you want, when you want it
  • Lavender Lodge Health Studio can also come to your home & gives you advice and an exercise programme that you can do from the comfort of your home, without having to buy any fancy equipment or need to join a gym. This makes our programmes achieveable and therefore effective
  • Lavender Lodge is affordable, offering unbeatable prices, starting at just 25 euros for a full hours personal fitness training session!! Book a minimum of 4 sessions of 1-2-1 and get a free health screening & dietary weight loss programme for free!!
Lavender Lodge Health Studio is located 5 miles from Bandon, Co.Cork and is owned and run by John Hurley, Personal Fitness Trainer & 4th Dan Shotakan Karate, alongside his wife Helena Farrell RGN, MSc Diabetes. With over 30 years of experience between them both, together they aspire to highlight the
benefits of living a good lifestyle to those who may otherwise struggle with their health.
What Can we offer you at Lavender Lodge Health Studio? 
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Fully equipped gym with shower facilities
  • Individualized workouts/programmes for weight loss, getting fit, muscle toning
  • Preparing for events such as marathons, cycling events etc
  • Health Screening which includes cholesterol testing, blood sugar testing, body fat analysis, BMI for a cost of just 10euros!!
  • Dietary advice & tailor made programmes
  • Cookery classes
  • Free Collection & drop off service from Bandon
Want some Company? Bring a friend!!
For many people, they enjoy having the company and support of others while they make changes to their health, such as weight loss. Lavender Lodge Health Studio recognizes this, so we can cater of parties of up to five people at any given time in our gym. So why not bring a few of your friends for support and encourage them to get fit also?! Or bring your spouse/partner to inspire changes throughout the whole family!!
Wanting to lose weight for your wedding or a special event? We offer the bride and mother of the bride specials…….and we don’t forget the father or groom either!!
Maybe you are a group of workmates who aspire to run an event for charity or just want to lose weight!! Let us at Lavender Lodge Health Studio show you how!
Groups of up to five are offered a discounted rate of 15 euros per session, book a minimum of 4 sessions and receive health screening and your own dietary weight loss programme for free!! 

To contact us about your health needs contact us by filling out the form below or ring John on (086) 3861127. All requests and needs are catered where possible. Confidentiality and understanding guaranteed.

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