Personal Experience

As well as working in diabetes, Helena & her husband John live and care for someone who has Type 2 Diabetes on 5 injections of insulin a day.

From this Helena believes there is no amount of qualifications or professional experience that a health care professional can do that will help them truly understand what it is like to live with someone with diabetes and diabetes itself, unless it happens to you.

To see someone you care about navigate the daily challenges that diabetes can bring, is harrowing and helps Helena to be even more inspired by the people she meets with diabetes everyday. She shares these challenges with her clients and the practical everyday solutions that she has developed to deal with such issues.

Shopping for diabetes on a budget, meal planning, carb counting, trying to understand blood sugars and patterns(when at times they just can’t be understood) is all part of daily life in Helenas household, giving her a firm understanding and empathy in how her clients deal with there diabetes management.

It has also helped Helena to develop Diabetes Insight into the service that it is today, she firmly believes no matter what type of diabetes you have, laying a proper foundation of lifestyle is key to effective diabetes management. All the rest are just building blocks.