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At our headquarters in Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre we work alongside Dr Jamie O’Sullivan who is a Clinical Psychologist providing psychological services to adults suffering with mental health or emotional difficulties e.g. depression, anxiety and personality issues.

About Dr. Jamie O’Sullivan

He has a particular interest in the use of Interpersonal Therapy to help people with depression and also draws on Cognitive Analytical Therapy for personality difficulties.

Individual needs vary and so a wide-knowledge base is essential to tailor a treatment package that is specific to a client’s presenting difficulty. Therefore, Dr. O’ Sullivan employs various other models and theories to inform his clinical practice e.g. Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Dr. O’ Sullivan trained as a clinical psychologist in the United Kingdom and is experienced in both the public and private sector across the UK.


Coping With Diabetes

What happens when you are diagnosed with diabetes?

Living with a physical health problem is no easy feat and those suffering with diabetes understand this challenge all too well.

It is not uncommon when confronted with a diagnosis of diabetes to feel hopeless and down in oneself. Equally people can become anxious as they may feel a loss of control over their health. They can feel vulnerable, worried about the future and may struggle to depend on others (family, friends and health professionals) for much needed support.

Are these reactions normal?

These reactions to a diagnosis of diabetes are perfectly understandable and can be part of a process of adaptation for the individual as they mourn the loss of a previous identity and come to terms with a new and different (reconfigured) sense of self – a life in which one learns to accept and live with their diabetes.

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