Resources for Health Care Professionals

For many health care professionals finding the time to source good quality downloadable resources for patients with diabetes can be a struggle. That is why at Diabetes Insight we have put together some of the best downloadable resources we have found for people with diabetes. Of course don’t forget our own personalised downloadable leaflets by following the menu on our home page!

Psychosocial DAWN Study Tools & Resources

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Behavioural Diabetes Institute

Behavioural Diabetes Institute (BDI), a nonprofit organization located in San Diego, California, focuses on addressing the social, emotional, and psychological barriers to living a long and healthy life with diabetes. To better understand and overcome these obstacles, BDI is actively engaged in research examining the psychological aspects of diabetes and evaluating innovative behavioral interventions. In addition, BDI directly offers an array of unique, behaviorally-oriented products and services for: people with type 1 diabetes; people with type 2 diabetes; parents of children and teens with diabetes; spouses and partners of people with diabetes; and interested health care professionals.

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Additional Resources coming Soon!!

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