Is it time we went Back to Basics in Diabetes Management?

Recently I have been reviewing how I do things here at Diabetes Insight and I have realised that one of the unique key aspects to the services that I provide is how practical and simple my approach is. Sometimes maybe too practical and simple for some. I have noticed within the last year individuals accessing…

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Do Not Tell Me I am a ‘Bad Diabetic’

  At Diabetes Insight we avoid using language that is judgmental, self blaming etc. We are the only service within the Republic of Ireland which specializes in diabetes self management education, practicing client centered care with access to an integrated psychological service onsite. We provide assistance, support and tailor made programmes to deal with a…

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The Language of Self Blame in Diabetes

I have Been Bold Yet again I am deeply saddened and troubled by the language used by people with diabetes throughout consultations with Diabetes Insight. Expressions like ‘don’t give out to me’, ‘I have been bold’, ‘I didn’t do what I was told’, ‘I have been bad’ I hear more often than I would like,…

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image of a woman looking serious, not understanding diabetes can be a stressful time by Diabetes Insight Cork Ireland

Apathy, Lack of Motivation & Diabetes

 Huge Gaps It should come as no surprise that the majority of studies and research shows that there is huge gap between what people with diabetes know they should do to improve their health, and what they actually manage to achieve. More troubling, however, is that many people say they have not even tried to follow…

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Is is a Hindrance as a Health Care Professional Not to have Diabetes?

Lately I have found myself in a strange place in my career. For some people I encounter, it has become an apparent hindrance to them that I do NOT have diabetes. Yes……you read that right, a hindrance. Do You Have Diabetes? For many people my professional experience, qualifications and personal experience of living/caring for someone…

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