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Diabetes Misinformation or Just Plain Ignorance

Lately I was in a conversation with someone who just liked to hear the sound of their own voice. We have all been there. You give someone an inch to speak and they take a mile.I would not mind if they had something interesting to…


Statins increase blood glucose levels and weight gain

A new study has produced strong evidence that statins(anti-cholesterol therapy) can lead to increased weight gain and a modest increase in Type 2 Diabetes risk, but the benefits of statins still outweigh the risks says the experts. The study was published by a team of…


Cooking Well for Type 1 Diabetes

Next Course Saturday October 4th & 11th 2014 10am – 2pm Did you know how you cook your foods affects the sugar content therefore affecting your blood sugar levels? Looking for a better understanding to carbohydrate counting and insulin to carb ratios? Have you noticed…