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At Diabetes Insight I am always delighted to receive feedback (whether good or bad) so that we can improve the services that are provided. Below is a flavour of some of the emails, cards and feedback we have received over the years.

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‘For the first time I truly feel comfortable with having diabetes. I don’t think I will ever like having it, or accept it, but Helena and Diabetes Insight has helped me to understand and take control of my health. I finally feel I have a voice, I am seen as an individual and not an illness or disease’

John, Type 1 Diabetes x 20 years, Co. Clare

‘Helenas compassion, understanding and unique approach made me question her as to whether she had diabetes herself! (Which she doesn’t by the way!). Her refreshingly honest take on what it is to live with diabetes and how to manage it, made me feel for the first time that I was supported, listened to and understood. I can ring her any time for advice, or a general rant if I am feeling it is all getting too much for me’

Mary, Type 1 Diabetes x 1 year, Co. Cork

‘We attended Diabetes Insight as recommended through an online support group with our son who is just newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. In Helena we found exactly what we were looking for and needed. She gave us as parents space and time to talk out our feelings around our son and his diagnosis, which we badly needed. She gave us information, resources and most of all the right supports, tailored to our needs at that time. We can email/text/ring her at any time which is so reassuring for us.

With our son she was excellent. She gave him hope, after the most horrific experience of dealing with his diagnosis and in Helena he trusts. He does not just see her as a ‘nurse’, but as a confidente. I am so glad we were recommended Helena and Diabetes Insight. We feel we have a true ally for life’

Jim & Claire, Parents of 13 year old son with Type 1 Diabetes, Co. Limerick

‘I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and it came as a complete shock to me as I am not overweight and there is no family history. I immediately went into denial and thought the doctor had misdiagnosed me. I was recommended Diabetes Insight by a friend. Helena helped me to understand that I was not to blame for causing my diabetes, that it was secondary to medications I had been taking at the time. She gave me all the information that I needed and answered all my questions. While I still find it tough at times to accept I have diabetes, Helena is amazing support and a fountain of knowledge when it comes to diabetes. For anyone diagnosed with diabetes, I cannot recommend Helena & Diabetes Insight enough’

Rebecca, Type 2 Diabetes x 6 months, Cork City.

‘When I was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes, I was told to make changes to my lifestyle, but was clueless where to begin. My GP recommended me to attend Helena. She provided me with dietary plans etc and debunked alot of the myths and misinformation that I had been fed by others. She even came shopping with me!! I found her advice easy to follow and maintain. I no longer am pre-diabetic but I am fully aware from Helena that I have to keep up with the changes I have made. I know if I find things getting tough, I can ring her and book in for a pep talk, which is great and keeps me focused’

Barry, who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, Co.Kerry

‘My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes for 15 years. She is now 19years old and in 1st year college. She is incredibly active and sporty, but has found it very difficult to get information and advice on managing sports and diabetes. Helena & Diabetes Insight was recommended to us by a family friend whose son has Type 1 Diabetes and plays alot of sports as they have seen a huge improvement in his confidence and attitude to his diabetes since attending Helena.

My daughter came home from her appointment with Helena, raving about how it had been an appointment like no other she had before. There was no waiting hours to be seen in clinic, she was seen the moment she arrived. She was amazed that she could get her HbA1c level on the spot, without waiting around. The information & advice she was given was tailored to the different types of sports she plays. Most of all she feels more confident when training and playing at events. I am so thankful to Helena and Diabetes Insight for helping my daughter, and for the first time, in along time, giving my girl the belief that she can do anything, that diabetes won’t hold her back’

Margo, mother of daughter who as Type 1 Diabetes x 15 years, Co. Roscommon

Pharmacy Testimonial 

‘When we were introducing health screening services into our community pharmacy, we recognised that it was vital that service be delivered in a professional way, where the patient is centre stage and quality of service guaranteed. In Helena we struck gold. My hopes was to work with a health care professional who already delivered health screening services.  My ideal was to find someone who also understood the challenges of delivering health screening services within a pharmacy setting. To my surprise and delight, Helena has worked independently, offering health screening services in pharmacies for a number of years and operated a pharmacy screening pilot project in Mitchelstown, Co Cork.  I was even more delighted to discover that Helena’s passion to serve diabetic patients to the very highest level had prompted her to privately offer her expertise to diabetic patients. [pull_quote align=”left”]If you have diabetes and you really want expert support to manage your own health and wellbeing, Helena’s one-to-one diabetes service is a great investment for life.[/pull_quote] Helena has acted as our external auditor, ensuring the highest standards for our health screening programme.  She externally verifies our point of care technicians, our training programme and our standard operating procedures.  She knows that she cannot access 250,000 diabetics in Ireland to improve their health and wellbeing, but she passionately believes that pharmacies play a vital role in identifying and imvShe has also delivered continuing professional development training for our staff on the subject of diabetes As we worked with her, her expertise shone through.  What a wealth of knowledge….from expertise in all aspects of diabetes management, nutritional medicine, to health screening, to motivational coaching, to running a health screening business, her all encompassing knowledge. Her approach is completely centred on improving the health and wellbeing of people who live with diabetes and to assist them to navigate the healthcare system while managing their own health. What would you say to anyone considering working with Helena? If you have diabetes and you really want expert support to manage your own health and well being, Helena’s one-to-one diabetes service is a great investment for life. If you are a healthcare professional and in your model of healthcare the patient comes first, you believe in a multi-disciplinary work environment for the benefit of the patient and you believe that illness and health involve the whole person, contact Helena and Diabetes Insight – you will have a true partner in healthcare.’

Rachel Dungan MPSI, Berminghams Pharmacy, Fermoy, Co. Cork

See Rachel’s wonderful endorsement of Diabetes Insight here!!!! Go To: Rachel Dungan Testimonial


Nursing Home Testimonials

‘I would highly recommend Helena Farrell, Founder & Director of Diabetes Insight for anyone considering holding an in service education day on diabetes. Helena organised a Diabetes Study Day onsite in our nursing home, which was informative and enjoyable to all concerned. Helena’s unique delivery of useful, practical management of diabetes patients, especially in the care of the elderly, will ensure that our staff feel confident in the day to day care of a person with diabetes. Helping us to establish care plans and policys has also been part of the service Helena has delivered, which has enabled us to meet national and international guidelines in the delivery of care to our patients with diabetes. To also have the ongoing back up support of an expert nursing service when needed, to liaise with, and clarify care methods, has and will only enhance the delivery of care that we give to our patients’

Dawn McLean, Director of Nursing, St. Joesph’s Nursing Home, Virginia, Co.Cavan


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  1. My name is Henry Murphy. I am one of the Pharmacists at Matt Murphys Pharmacy in Macroom in Co Cork
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    I was wondering if you provide a service whereby I could advertise a Diabetes day/ weekend at our Pharmacies.
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    Henry Murphy

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