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Diabetes Insight Weight Management Cork ireland

What Our Programmes Involve

Diabetes Insight Weight Management
Diabetes Insight Weight Management

Central to our core beliefs here at Diabetes Insight is that weight management must be practical, based on available evidence, maintainable and non-restrictive. Our tailor made weight management plans are included in all our consultations if required, at no additional cost. All our programmes are based on the Low Glycaemic Index Diet, recommending foods and recipes that are easily sourced in your local supermarket and suit all budgets.

Each weight management plan will include food diaries, SMART goals, shopping lists, recipe ideas, portion guides, a copy of the Low GI diet book and meal planners. Also all our consultations include HbA1c & cholesterol testing, as well as equipment upgrades.

Additional supports can be found through our health team at the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre in nutritional therapy, personal fitness trainer, life coaching, cookery courses and local gym.

Weight Management for Type 2 Diabetes

Despite many of the myths and misinformation out there, making lifestyle changes for weight loss and making lifestyle changes for diabetes require similar but yet two different approaches. Through our unique programme at Diabetes Insight, we have found a practical and maintainable way of achieving both.

image of a woman eating an apple, apples and fruit are still vital in keeping healthy in fighting diabetes, from Diabetes Insight, Cork, Ireland
Diabetes Insight Weight Management Ireland

If you have been advised to lose weight for your Type 2 Diabetes, did you know that only a 5-10% weight loss is required to start having an impact on your health? Anything after that in my opinion is a bonus and can be looked on as cosmetic weight loss. Too much emphasis is put on the BMI (Body Mass Index) by health professionals without giving people realistic targets that they can actually achieve. So for example you may have been told you need to lose 5 stone in weight to bring you down to a normal healthy BMI. Many people may feel there is no way they will be able to achieve this, when in actual fact a 1-2 stone weight loss will immediately start to impact positively on a persons health. 1-2 stone instantly sounds much more achievable and realistic to a person, usually once they achieve their goals, they may have confidence to lose more, or are happy to leave it at that once benefits to their health is seen.

It is important to set realistic goals, that you can readily achieve and maintain going forward. It is easy to pick a quick and more than likely expensive gimmicky weight loss solution that will help you to lose weight quickly, but pile on the pounds again when you resume a normal eating pattern. This will potentially make it harder for you to lose weight in the future and have an influence on your overall diabetes control.

Our no hunger, no restrictions no nonsense approach to weight management when you have diabetes, makes Diabetes Insight a leader in weight management and diabetes within the Republic of Ireland

There are no hidden agendas or costs, no gimmicks or shakes. Imagine a weight management plan that not only helps you to lose weight, but regulates your blood glucose levels, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and reduces your cravings? It is possible and available through Diabetes Insight.

If you are already in the process of losing weight or have lost weight and looking for a simple, practical weight management plan going forward to maintain your success, Diabetes Insight has just the plan for you.

Weight Management for Type 1 Diabetes

Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes
Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes

Because insulin is a hormone, and like all hormones, they may contribute to weight gain, it is crucial that individuals with Type 1 Diabetes also maintain a healthy weight. Weight gain in diabetes, regardless of type is associated with significant health risks and complications with diabetes, so having a weight management in place that you can trust and allows you flexibility is a must.

Many people with Type 1 Diabetes feel they are ‘feeding their diabetes’ and eating to keep blood sugars stable . This maybe because they have been told to do so by professionals who may not have the adequate understanding or appropriate training in dealing with diabetes, balancing blood glucose levels and weight. This can lead to weight gain, and therefore increased insulin requirements, which end up feeding a vicious cycle.

At Diabetes Insight we assess your current needs, wants and goals when trying to achieve weight loss with Type 1 Diabetes and maintain a healthy weight. Self-managing insulin doses around certain weight loss plans can be tricky, especially when these maybe reliant on shakes, supplements and certain exercise programmes. We can devise an alternative programme, or maintenance programme once you have achieved your weight loss goals. Alternatively we can work with your existing weight loss regime and support you going forward.

Exercising for Diabetes & Weight Loss Requires Two Different ApproachesMaking Those New Years Diabetes Resolutions: Top Tips

It is a bit of mantra I consistently voice in consultations, but exercising for diabetes and exercising for weight loss are two different things. Any amount of physical activity will have an impact in diabetes in helping to burn off blood glucose levels. But to exercise for weight loss requires a strategic approach that must be constantly monitored and changed every 6 weeks. After 6 weeks of a particular type of exercise &/or regime, the body no longer recognizes it as a weight loss exercise and you will find it harder to lose weight. This is one of the main reasons why interval & circuit training is the most effective exercises for weight loss.

Many people with diabetes may be nervous to exercise &/or embark on a programme. At Diabetes Insight we have addressed this, and have a number of options readily available to people such as personal fitness training at our education centre in the Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre. Affiliate programmes specifically designed for diabetes are available through Studio Fitness in Marina Commercial Park, Cork as well as in Dublin.

Further Information

All our initial consultations cost just 65 euros and this includes all stated above. Review appointments may be required but are not obligatory. These cost just 35 euros.

Call/Text Helena on (086) 1739287 or email: hfarrell77@gmail for further information, bookings etc

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